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2012 年 12 月 17 日

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主題︰ Your Tripbod in 2010

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“People will forget what you say, people will forget what you do, but people will never forget the way you make them feel” Maya Angelou

Hello Friend of Tripbod!         

We are very excited about what 2010 holds for travel and really can’t wait to connect more curious travellers with passionate local people.

This year you can look forward to many new destinations, additions to the service and ongoing stories from our locals and travellers. So keep an eye on the website, @tripbod on Twitter, our ‘Local Travel’ group on Facebook and on TripLoop for upcoming news.

In this month’s newsletter: LOCAL NEWS, WINTER WEEKENDS and LOCAL TRAVEL 

First of all, we’d like to introduce some of the newest Tripbods to join our group of trusted local travel advisors:

From Top Left:
Linda is based in Oslo and is an active traveller and global ambassador for eco-tourism
is Managing Editor at Not For Tourists and a true New York City insider – he’ll make sure you find the real NYC ‘cawfee’
Dom runs Fieldskills in Borneo and is a great person to talk to if you want to push your limits in 2010 and do something really different
Robby is a responsible tourism enthusiast in Oman and will help you live out a dream trip in this unique country
in Cumbria is an active local ambassador for the Furness area of West Cumbria, an under-appreciated area of a popular county
Shaun is based in Australia and has a passion for local travel, being one of the driving forces behind Urban Adventures
Peter in Colorado is our resident wine connoisseur and restaurant entrepreneur with a great blog
Aivar started the ecotourism movement in Estonia and can tell you how his country has five seasons, not four.
Victoria in London is an expert on local food markets and great restaurants off the beaten track, something really valuable in London
Andre in Morocco is a travel specialist who loves getting into the outdoors and exploring everything his country has to offer

FREE TRIALS for New Tripbods only: test the local knowledge of our new Tripbods. Just tell us what you think and you can use the service FOR FREE!
(Tip: ask them really niche questions and see just how great they are!)

Local News from our great local people 

Elena, our Tripbod in Rome told us about the opening of The House of Livia on the Palatine Hill and The Temple of Romulus for just a few days over the festive season. They had never been open to the public before. This was a really special treat for our traveller who was there at the time and got the inside scoop on this exclusive opening.

Our gastronomically-minded travellers were delighted to hear about a local
truffle market in beautiful Uzes, as highlighted by our Tripbod Marjorie in Avignon. Yum!

Alex, in Dubai, wrote to us about the opening of the word’s tallest building: “The observation deck on the 124th floor has handy handy electronic binoculars, where you can view the surrounding desert and city for miles and miles”. One for those with a head for heights perhaps…

Here in the UK, we have had a huge amount of snow over Christmas and New Year, offering all sorts of new fun things to do like sledging, skiing, snow biking, ice swimming. You can find it all in Cumbria and Sally has been demonstrating how it is done. 

Liz Sutcliffe, formerly of Rough Guides has joined us as a roving reporter. She spend a month last year volunteering in the Sierra Nevada and visited our Tripbdod Violeta in Granada. She is now back in London to complete her TEFL course before she sets of on her adventure, exploring all things sustainable and ethical in the travel world. Watch this space….

Wonderful Winter Weekends from our Tripbods

Weekend breaks are as popular as ever and we bring you ideas from our Tripbods in UK, Ireland and Europe about how the locals spend their weekends.

Our friends at travelguru.tv have some great Winter holidays on offer. John Carter, Travel Guru, journalist and presenter, tells us about what makes Malta a great destination. 

The new year is all about new experiences and exploring interesting destinations, which is just what the weekends are for. Planning, dreaming and getting away for a Winter Weekend is enough to get anyone through the cold snap.

2010 – The year of Local Travel

2010 is the year of ‘Local Travel’. Tripbod will be working hard together with partners to create a united front in promoting Local Travel. We have seen growing interest in the idea of Local Travel, which encourages us to take into consideration the impact that our trips have on the local people, economy and environment. For example, Tripbod connects you with local people who you can trust to help you make sure that your travel is a good deal all round.

Recommended reading: ‘Loco for Local: Travel like it should be’ by Ethan Gelber of WHL.travel

There will be much more from us in the coming weeks and months on this topic so join the Local Travel movement on Facebook to stay in the loop and show your support. If you’d like more information on how to get involved, email us at info@tripbod.com or 0208 144 9021

Special Offer

All TripLoop members get 20% off fantastic DK Travel Guides on http://www.dk.com – now available to personalise! Visit this page to personalise your guide: 

So all that’s left is to say ‘Happy New Year!’ and wish you all the best for 2010. We look forward to hearing about your travel plans and helping you make every trip the very best it can be.

With warm wishes,

The Tripbod Team 

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轉寄︰ Radar: The Beyond Profit Newsletter

2012 年 12 月 17 日

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主題︰ Radar: The Beyond Profit Newsletter

Beyond Profit Mag

Giving Single Women A Chance

I am infamous for having 40 tabs open on my computer at any given time. It is actually a miracle that my computer doesn’t crash more often – props to MacBooks. While sifting through my tabs last night, I finally got the chance to read an article from Women’s eNews that has been open for at least a week – “India’s Single Women Resist Stigma, Demand Rights.” And this got me thinking hopefully.
India is building its civil society in a very conscious manner, especially through women’s movements. Women are being empowered. They are becoming strong voices and strong advocates. And they are no longer just thinking locally, but they are taking their issues and their grievances to the national level. They are protesting their treatment in Indian society as second class citizens, often ostracized, left behind, or forgotten.
The article focuses on single women in India: “Single women in India outnumber the population of Canada. And these 36 million women, as counted by the 2001 census, only represent those who are legally divorced, separated, and widowed. There is no official estimate of abandoned, deserted, and unmarried women, multitudes of whom live invisibly, often at the mercy of callous family customs and beyond the reach of public welfare.”
So how can social enterprise get involved? While NGOs can focus on issues of empowerment, social enterprise can provide jobs. These single women, “invisible” to society, need jobs. They need routes through which to earn a livelihood. They have no husband on which to rely. Social enterprise can provide jobs. There are a multitude of examples of enterprises run for women, by women. From female Dalits running their own newspaper to creating and implementing the marketing strategy for rural producer groups to starting a taxi fleet with female drivers that caters exclusively to female customers, women are successfully harnessing social enterprise for their own gains.
Laying claim to their rights, breaking with the traditions of their caste or community, things seem to be progressing for women in India.
– Adrienne Villani

Sankalp Corner: Book Box

Book Box conceives of a “book” as a reading experience that can travel in print and other audio-visual media. Their belief is that the print media, though desirable, is severely limited in its ability to bring reading to the masses of children in India, spread across 600,000 villages, speaking a variety of languages, and often living on less than US$2 a day. As a result, Book Box has created the concept of “AniBooks,” or animated books, to support emerging literacy and language skills. Overcoming the distribution challenges of print by piping reading to children on digital and electronic media, narration on screen comes with same language subtitles. Over the next 3 years, apart from increasing their line of “Anibooks,” Book Box plans to enter broadcast media.

Beyond Profit Issue 3: Fresh off the Press

Kissing the Tiger: Peace as a Pre-requisite for Development

Peace is a pre-requisite for development as a whole. It creates an enabling environment for the fundamentals of a society’s progress: human capital formation, infrastructure development, and markets subject to the rule of law. Roshan Paul and Sarah Jefferson, both of Ashoka, explore the intersection of peace and social entrepreneurship, an emerging field in the global development dialogue.
Visit our blog for the full article.
Subscribers, once you’ve seen the issue, we’d love to hear your opinions. They help us improve. Take a quick feedback survey here or email us at ideas@beyondprofit.com. If you’d like to become part of the elite (but growing) group we call “subscribers,” please click here.

Where You Can Find Us…

Social Movements for Women and Children
Jan 27, New Delhi, India
Over the past few years, India has been witness to the “urbanization of poverty.” Social Movements for Women and Children is designed to address social movements for change – not just the current social, economic, and cultural frameworks under which most of urban India operates, but also the theoretical and empirical issues. Starting with an overview of why there are no effective movements for children, the seminar will then examine the intersection of female empowerment movements and nonprofit work.

Jan 29-31, XLRI Jamshedpur, India
Breaking away from the format of outlined agenda, specified topics, and fixed speakers, the 2nd National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship is designed to collaboratively explore, discuss, learn from each other, and co-create. Organized into working groups, each group will be anchored by a social entrepreneur. This aims to facilitate learning by actively involving the participants in collaboratively solving real, live problems, ;which are of their interest and concern; to leverage the rich experience and competence available in the participants’ community to address real challenges, issues and opportunities facing the sector; and, to bring about relevant “take-home” learning (solutions and alternatives) for the participants, which can be implemented.

Feb 27-28, Cambridge, Mass, USA
“Redefining Service for the 21st Century.” Over the last decade, the word “service” has become multi-dimensional, stretching beyond basic volunteering to encompass fields like microfinance and corporate social responsibility, among others. This year’s theme highlights the emerging trends in social enterprise that benefit society through the public, private, social, and non-profit means. The Social Enterprise Conference is one of the world’s leading forums to engage in dialogue on social enterprise and debate with leaders from across the world. Over time, the Conference has become the arena to explore revolutionary ideas that challenge the prevailing status quo and inspire a call to action.

About Us
Beyond Profit, a new social enterprise magazine, presents the stories, people, and ideas behind social ventures by bringing you first-hand insights and expert commentary.

As Seen on our Blog
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Bike Sharing…

2012 年 12 月 17 日

轉寄︰ Plunkett Weekly News 14-12-12

2012 年 12 月 15 日

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主題︰ Plunkett Weekly News 14-12-12

Dear all,

Please find attached the latest Plunkett Weekly News.

Very best wishes,

Katherine Darling
Press & Communications Officer

Plunkett Foundation | The Quadrangle | Woodstock | Oxfordshire | OX20 1LH

T: +44 (0) 1993 814382 | www.plunkett.co.uk | @Kat_Plunkett

Plunkett Foundation is a company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales no 213235
Registered office: The Quadrangle, Banbury Road, Woodstock, OX20 1LH
Registered VAT No GB 663 6381 18
Registered Charity No 313743

轉寄︰ The ClearlySo Newsletter – 14th December

2012 年 12 月 15 日

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主題︰ The ClearlySo Newsletter – 14th December

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ClearlySo Newsletter | December 14th 2012
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Dear Friends,

It’s the morning after the night before here at ClearlySo as we enjoyed our Christmas party last night.

So as things inevitably wind down for 2012 and Christmas comes to the fore, we’ve been researching a social enterprise gift list for those last minute presents.

We also have reports from the East as ClearlySo associate Dan Gregory participates in the Social Investment Forum in China.

And the incredible story of how the humble tea bag is helping communities in South Africa through one social entrepreneur’s passion for change.

The ClearlySo Team

Merry Christmas!
Don’t panic; there is still plenty of time to get your Christmas presents! Boycott the tax evaders and support social enterprise this year.
Contact us if you would like to be featured on our next newsletter.
Blog picture Blog picture Blog picture
Apparently Eleanor Roosevelt once said a woman is like a tea bag, because you only know how strong she is when she is put in hot water. Well, here’s another insight into the humble tea bag, which relates to a particular strong woman and a group of women she nurtured towards finding their way out of poverty in South Africa.
ClearlySo Associate Dan Gregory was in Guangzhou in China for a few days in November as part of the British Council’s Skills for Social Entrepreneurs programme. He reports back on an eye opening couple of days whilst speaking at the Social Investment Forum.
In this article originally written for Third Sector Magazine, Rodney Schwartz argues that the government should be encouraging social entrepreneurship rather than social investment through tax breaks: “this is not the time to be creating loopholes for the well-off.
In other news
News picture
Essex County Council will be the first local authority to commission a SIB. The bond – developed by Social Finance with Big Society Capital and Bridges Ventures as lead investors – aims to provide “intensive support” to approximately 380 adolescents and their families.
News picture
Many economic regulators maintain that consumers hold little sway over big-industry concerns. In his new book ‘Strength in Numbers: The Political Power of Weak Interests’, HBS Professor Gunnar Trumbull shows how groups such as consumers can effect change by forming interest-driven alliances among activists, regulators, and corporations. You can read an excerpt of the book here.
News picture
We are currently seeking to add 3 full-time professionals to our team in order to expand our capabilities and to service this rapidly growing sector. The deadline for all three of these vacancies is January 7th. You can read about each of the positions here, here and here.
Social enterprise Social investor Corporate
Does your organisation want to market to our newsletter audience of over six thousand social entrepreneurs? We offer extremely competitive rates for advertising and can also provide design skills to produce a banner for you if you don’t already have marketing materials.
Contact us on 020 7490 9520 or email contact@clearlyso.com to discuss the options available to you.

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轉寄︰ 【若水代發】【活動訊息】敬邀參加​《社會企業工作坊》九​天民俗技藝團2012​1221(社會企業碩​士在職專班熱烈招生中​)

2012 年 12 月 13 日

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傳送日期︰ 2012年12月13日 (週四) 11:34 AM
主題︰ 【若水代發】【活動訊息】敬邀參加​《社會企業工作坊》九​天民俗技藝團2012​1221(社會企業碩​士在職專班熱烈招生中​)

活動一、輔大社企中心《社會企業工作坊》 九天民俗技藝團20121221開始報名~
詳見 http://seietw.blogspot.tw/ 2012/12/20121221.html


報名日期:101年12月28日10:00~ 102年1月7日15:00


Social Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society

Social Enterprise Research Center
24205新北市新莊區中正路510號輔仁大學管理學院利瑪竇大 樓304-1室
No.510, Zhongzheng Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 24205, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


2012 年 12 月 11 日


葡萄樹傳媒 :: 網上電台

2012 年 12 月 08 日

轉寄︰ Riders for Health featured in the Times Appeal, Thursday

2012 年 12 月 07 日

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主題︰ Riders for Health featured in the Times Appeal, Thursday

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Riders logo
Riders for Health is proud to say that we have been chosen as the international charity in the Times Appeal.

Riders for Health featured in the Times Appeal

Angels on dirtbikes saving lives in the African bush

Majai sits with the traditional birth attendant and Sheriff who helped to save hers and her babies life
Throughout December, the Times will feature inspirational stories and photos from our work in Zambia, The Gambia and Lesotho.
In the paper today Imre Karacs introduces Majai Ceesay, a proud mother of nine healthy children from the Gambia. But when Majai went into labour with twins in June, something went horribly wrong. She was bleeding heavily and dehydrated; she had no energy left to deliver her second child.
Luckily help arrived on two-wheels. Sheriff Darboe, a community health worker employed by the government, gave her an oral rehydration solution, pain killers and sugar lumps for energy.
‘I can honestly say that without Sheriff, I and my second twin wouldn’t be alive,’ expressed Majai.
Since Sheriff was mobilised with a Riders for Health motorcycle four years ago he is now able to cover up to 100 miles visiting many more remote communities like Majai’s.
The appeal marks five years since Riders for Health was first featured in the Times Appeal, and we are pleased to be able to show the world just what we have achieved, with your support, in that time. You can find out more about our work, on our new look website: www.riders.org, where you can make a donation to our appeal.

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1998 Data Protection Act: Riders for Health values your interest and support and we promise NOT to pass on your personal details to any third party. Riders for Health keeps a record of your details for our own administrative purposes only, and this allows us to keep you up-dated with information about our charitable work. View our privacy policy.

轉寄︰ The Good Capitalist: Social Capital News

2012 年 12 月 07 日

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主題︰ The Good Capitalist: Social Capital News

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Social Capital Market Lens 

Using Activism to Drive Sales and Loyalty, Nutiva is a Rocket
by Kevin Jones

The following is an excerpt from a twitter conversation between me and Nutiva’s CEO, John Roulac. From @kevindoylejones to @nutiva: “yeah well, it’s no wonder investors are flocking after your company wanting to get involved. You sell stuff that sets people free.”

John Roulac is an activist and social media ninja who runs Nutiva, a profitable $40 million “super food” company that’s growing at four times last year’s revenues. He produced a video for the Prop 37, label the GMO’s initiative, that was on the California ballot in November and that went viral with more than 420,000 views.
Read more ]

Limited Partners in Impact Funds Are Calling the Shots, Research Shows
by Kevin Jones

Playing well together while the world is shifting cultural competency – rather than master of the universe bravado – will be the skills of the new impact investors. Impact investors are digging ourselves out a hole caused by our ignorant rush toward a rigid, linear metaphor: the split between the “return first” impact investor and the “impact first” investor.
That’s one of the things I came away thinking after a talk with Jed Emerson and Cathy Clark about their continuing investigation into the nature of the impact investor, the fund manager, and the new breed of far more active “limited partners” in those funds. Talking to them, I learned a lot that helped me make sense of what I’m seeing in the social capital market. 
Read more ]

Introducing Two Themes: Place-based innovation and a Focus on Health 
by Kevin Jones

Launching with this issue of the Good Capitalist are two of what will be our continuing focus areas in the run up to the forthcoming SOCAP conference in September of next year.

The first: we will be writing about (while taking part in) a study project meets learning and IP sharing network that’s looking at what’s working for the pioneers in place-based innovation organizations; from incubators like GoodCompany in Philadelphia, to Bull City Forward in Raleigh, to what we do in the networks of Hubs in the United States from Seattle to Los Angeles to San Francisco and Berkeley, to cooperative communities like Vuollerim in Swedish Lapland.
Read more ]
Report from Turin
by Christopher Gergen 

After a stimulating four days in Turin, Italy, I am writing from a train heading across the northern part of the country.  In addition to the great Piedmont wine and food (and the snow covered, sun-drenched Alps that are looming outside my window), it was an opportunity to plug into an electric conversation that is unfolding in Europe right now about how social innovation can transform cities.

Our host was Torino’s City Council, who is targeting 18 – 35 year olds to help both drive entrepreneurial solutions to some of the city’s more pressing challenges as well as stimulate economic growth and job creation in a city and country that has been hard hit by financial crisis. 
[ Read more ]

Social Capital Market News Briefs

Getting Back More Than a Warm Feeling – Social Impact Bonds are spreading fast among philanthropists across the United States, attracting interests of federal government, nonprofits, foundations, and more. 
Read Article ]

Northwestern’s Impact Investing Courses Prepare Students For A Different Kind Of Career – Growing interest among young professionals about impact investing and social enterprise are not left unnoticed. Universities across the U.S. like Stanford, Duke, Harvard, Northwestern offer programs that unveil an emerging field. 
Read Article ]

The ABCDs of Impact Investing and Social Enterprise – Antony Bugg-Levine talks about four fundamental questions to harness the potential of the social enterprise and impact investing movements. 
Read Article ]

How Impact Investing Can Expand Environmental Entrepreneurship – Giulia Christianson interviews Jed Emerson, an international leader in the field of strategic philanthropy. They discuss how impact investors can help developing country entrepreneurs, and how strategies may be executed to create positive impact and multiple returns. 
Read Article ]

Why is RBC banking on social finance? – RBC President and CEO Gordon Nixon and Financial Post’s Dan Ovsey discuss RBC’s recent focus on social finance.
Read Article ]

Ron D. Cordes on a Mission to Activate New Change Agents – In this interview, Michael Lindenmayer and Ron D. Cordes talk about financial advisors as new change agents in impact investing.
Read Article ]

Ben & Jerry’s Becomes B-Corp Certified, Adds Credibility To Impact Investing Movement. 
Read Article ]

Deans announce new challenge – Harvard announced $150,000 in new entrepreneurship challenges asking students across the University to team up and create innovative solutions to challenges in the fields of culture and health.
Read Article ]

Nesta Launches £25m Social Investment Fund – Oliver Thring lays out reasons to why many HNWs remain sceptical of impact investment potential benefits.
Read Article ]

Impact investing a growing trend with family offices, says Wermuth – The German alternative investment advisory firm admits that impact investing is next big theme and investors around the world want to invest and make a positive impact. 
Read Article ]

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