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轉寄︰ SOCAP12 Kicks Off in 3 Days – See What’s Happening Next Week!

2012 年 09 月 29 日

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主題︰ SOCAP12 Kicks Off in 3 Days – See What’s Happening Next Week!

Join us at SOCAP12. Get your tickets here.
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SOCAP12 kicks off in just 3 days! Still deciding whether to join us? Take a look at our program book to get a sense of what’s happening next week at Fort Mason Center. In addition to the possibilities when 1,500+ like-minded individuals meet, discuss, exchange, plan, and act together, there will be newly launched initiatives, investment in social entrepreneurs, food trucks, ping pong, curated conversations, art, rising musicians, and more fun!  

Here are a few quick SOCAP12 links:

Visit our website for full details!
>>> Go to SOCAP12 

>>> Buy Tickets 

Not attending SOCAP12? While we’re sad you won’t be joining us in San Francisco, there are ways you can follow the event live. 

15 main stage sessions on the topics of how to make meaning manner, crowdfunding, franchising, storytelling and more will stream live from SOCAP12. Tune in and catch a session!
>>> View Livestream Schedule 

Follow hashtag #SOCAP12 for quotes, pictures, ideas, thoughts and more from SOCAP12 participants and those following remotely. Follow our account, @SOCAPmarkets and @SOCAPlive for updates from our live reporting team. 

‘Building a Global Movement’ via Google+ Hangout
HUB:CREATE is the user-generated portion of SOCAP (formerly Open Space). Join us for ‘Building a Global Movement’, a live HUB:CREATE session on Weds, Oct 3rd at 10:45am PDT. The session will bring together on-site SOCAP12 attendees with participants from around the world in a discussion via Google+ hangout. At the same time, there will be a SOCAP12 main stage session on the same topic – we look forward to seeing what similiarities and differences come out of these 2 sessions!  >>>View HUB:CREATE reporting page

>>> Buy Tickets 

Impact Investing is a core theme at this year’s SOCAP12:Making Meaning Matter event. We’re proud that it’s brought to you in partnership with Omidyar Network. Watch Omidyar Network’s Matt Bannick speak during Tuesday’s main stage plenary session, Making Meaning Matter through New Strategies for Impact at 5pm either on-site or via livestream. 

Priming the Pump

Five years after the term ‘impact investing’ was coined, Omidyar Network has developed a series of six articles that highlight key issues and opportunities for the industry. Presented in partnership with Stanford Social Innovation Review, the online series, “Priming the Pump for Impact Investing”, began September 25 and extends through October 2. Omidyar Network makes the case for a fundamental shift from a firm-based to a sector-based approach to impact investing. By making earlier stage investments, re-evaluating the role of subsidies and policies, and investing across the financial returns continuum, we believe that impact investors can spark, nurture and scale entire new sectors for positive social impact.

Be part of the dialogue.
> Read and comment on the articles directly on the Stanford Social Innovation Review website
> Join the conversation on Twitter by following #primingthepump


OMIDYAR NETWORK2012 marks five years since the term ‘impact investing’ was coined. In this time the sector has generated tremendous interest and has attracted capital from diverse sources. What can we do in the next five years to create sustained impact? Omidyar Network is excited to partner with the Impact Investing Track at SOCAP 2012 to facilitate this important conversation. By reflecting on trends that have emerged and lessons learned, we hope to inspire greater dialogue about the potential that lies ahead and the steps needed to ensure the most constructive outcomes. We encourage you to engage with the conversations and the speakers, share your own ideas about impact investing and join us in championing the industry’s evolution.

>>> Buy Tickets 



Community Partners

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轉寄︰ Plunkett Weekly News

2012 年 09 月 29 日

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主題︰ Plunkett Weekly News

Dear all,

This week in the Plunkett Weekly News:

-Sold out event sees launch of new support for food enterprises looking to collaborate;

-Birthday wishes to three community shops!

-Community Right to Bid powers come into action;

-Northern Farming Conference 2012;

-Prince?s Countryside Fund open for applications

Very best wishes,


Katherine Darling
Press & Communications Officer
t: 01993 814382

Network of Christian businesspeople in Hong Kong grows – Partners Worldwide

2012 年 09 月 24 日

Partners Worldwide News


Network of Christian businesspeople in Hong Kong grows

HONG KONG — Through networks of business people around the globe, Partners Worldwide helps people align their passion for business and their Christian faith. 

In a city of over seven million, Christians make up a small minority in Hong Kong, yet the business community of Christians continues to grow.  “Their connections are deep,” says Dana Boals, Partners Worldwide’s Director of Global Partnerships, adding that entrepreneurs in Hong Kong have a passion to influence the lives of their employees, customers, and investors.  “They are engaged businesspeople who are smart, experienced, and anxious to learn more about Partners Worldwide,” she says.

“Quite a number of Christians are asking themselves what they can do to reflect Jesus’ life in Hong Kong ‘on earth as it is in heaven,’” says Houghton Wan, a young professional who first connected his faith and passion for business when he heard about the business as mission movement in 2005.  Since then, Houghton has joined the Partners Worldwide team and has led dozens of business training sessions at churches and business groups, and continues to visit individual business owners and entrepreneurs to grow the Partners Worldwide network. 

“We continue to ask ourselves a very important question,” says Houghton.  “If human beings are called by God to care for the poor and the widow, how can we help others overcome poverty through business?”

Dennis Ngis a young entrepreneur in the coffee industry.  In 2004, he felt challenged to combine his business acumen with his Christian calling and started a coffee farm in the neighboring country Laos which grew into an exporting coffee business.

Yet, reflecting on specific needs within his own city, Dennis had a draw to create a business that could “employ the unemployable” in Hong Kong.  In order to do this, this month he is launching his venture Connection Point Cafes, with four coffee kiosks in business parks across Hong Kong.  Offering long-term job opportunities for women leaving prostitution, employees are able to earn a fair income in a city that requires a minimal $900 a month to secure safe housing.  Working within the company is a vehicle to move from unemployment to employment, says Dennis, and eventually to shared ownership of their coffee kiosk.

Another key value of Connection Point Cafes is “Profit with a Purpose.”  The company invests profits not only to expand, but also “to meet the needs of others physically, mentally, spiritually.” They provide financial support for 40 orphans in Beijing through a partnering organization and offering college tuition assistance for Chinese students from Nanjing city. 

As the network grows in Hong Kong, Christian business people throughout the region are discovering their calling to business and spurring each other on.   Learn how you can become directly involved with Partners Worldwide by visiting


轉寄︰ Time running out to claim £25,000 prize fund

2012 年 09 月 24 日

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主題︰ Time running out to claim £25,000 prize fund

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stake your claim to £25,000 in rbs se100!

September is racing away, and we’re fast approaching the Sunday 30 September RBS SE100 Index deadline. 
There’s still plenty of time to complete your application. Below we lay down three reasons why you really should enter:
1. Help forge a better understanding of the social enterprise sector. We often hear about the great stories of social enterprise; the index’s aim is to build the data to find out what’s really happening on the ground. Whether you have had a fantastic year of growth or you’re just pleased to still be trading, we want to hear from you. All information is held in the strictest confidence, and we can’t build an accurate picture without your participation. Help now by taking the survey.
2. You could win a share of £25,000. It’s not about the money, money, money. But we do have a tidy sum to give away to three top performers. The most sustainable grower, the social enterprise doing the best job of measuring and demonstrating their impact, and a trailblazing newcomer will share £25,000 of cold, hard cash – along with a host of other top prizes. You’ve got to be in it win it, so sign up now.
3. Its free and easy to take part. The SE100 application form can seem quite daunting, but our team of researchers are on stand by to make life as easy as possible for you. If you would like a ‘stop and save’ survey to complete the survey in bitesize chunks, or if they can help in any other way, drop them a line.
Finally, if you completed the SE100 survey in 2010 or 2011, we just need a few details from you to update your profile. Email the team to arrange a call back, and they will quickly add you to the index.
Thanks for taking part and good luck with your application!
The RBS SE100 team

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轉寄︰ Corrected Link: What CSR & Impact Investing Can Learn From Each Other

2012 年 09 月 24 日

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主題︰ Corrected Link: What CSR & Impact Investing Can Learn From Each Other

  Impact Investing Monthly - Header Imageedited

Socially Conscious Siblings: What CSR & Impact Investing Can Learn From Each Other

By Beth Busenhart, App-X

Impact investing and CSR have evolved on a parallel trajectory with many overlapping concepts and goals but little coordinated effort.
While CSR, has hit the mainstream, the field of impact investing is arguably less widely recognized and certainly not integrated with mainstream investing practices.

Since both disciplines seek to harness the power of business to effect positive social change, can best practices be integrated or shared to create a more unified model around growing a profitable business that has socially responsible practices at the core? Beth Busenhart dissects the two on CSRwire Talkback.

One Social Investment Market. Eight Questions.

By James Perry, Panahpur

As the summer holiday season draws to a close, our focus moves from how to occupy the children to the opportunities and challenges that lie before us in the emergent social investment industry. The truth, of course, is that setting goals doesn’t solve any issues – achieving them does. The really hard yards lie between the two.

And the most difficult time is now, when the rubber hits the road as we set about achieving the goals that we have set ourselves. As so many of us now crank through the gears, here are a few of the questions that will need to be tackled head-on in the coming year.

Unintended Consequences: New Regulations Threaten Over 2,000 Community Banks

By Marjorie Kelley, Tellus Institute
Did you ever have older siblings who acted out big time, and you ended up getting punished alongside them, for things you never did? That’s what’s happening today to the nation’s community banks.
Even as the big banks’ antics pushed the nation toward financial collapse, smaller banks rooted in community – credit unions, community banks, and state-owned banks – generally remained responsible lenders. Now for the discouraging postscript: in the wake of the crisis, regulators enacted rules to rein in the big banks that are threatening to crush the more responsible little guys who contributed little to the crisis in the first place. Continue reading on CSRwire Talkback.

Publish What You Fund: Liberating Investment Data

By David Bank [@DavidBank]

A movement is afoot to liberate global-development investment data to provide not only accountability, but opportunity maps, market research and effectiveness indicators, providing new visibility into possibilities for collaboration and innovation.

Though much of the current development data is public, from foreign-aid budgets, development agencies and public-sector sources, the effort provides something of a roadmap for “open data” in impact investing, including efforts to track the mostly private equity and debt deals to provide financing for social ventures.
David Bank explains on Impact IQ.

The Soul of a Startup: Creating Companies That Will Change the Game

By Danielle Lanyard, Green Breakfast Club
In the late 1960s, if you wanted to make a statement that you stood for something, something more than your government at war or a culture compounded by capitalism, you couldn’t just pick up your laptop and write a blog summing up your thoughts. Or write a call to action and then share it across the web through social media.
Today, while smaller protest movements are still alive and kicking, entrepreneurism has emerged as a potentially more effective approach to change. Working within the system is giving rise to many more startups – and many more social enterprises. But is the startup revolution sustainable? Lanyard examines on CSRwire Talkback.

News from SOCAP

The Case for Impact(ful) Investing in Public Markets

News from CSRwire

Sparking Sustainability: Coca-Cola Foundation Announces $10.5 Million in Grants For Efforts Across Six Continents

Weapons of Mass Description: An Argument for Simpler, Effective Reporting Standards

Networked Communities & Nonprofits: Important Weapons in the Economic Recovery of American Communities

Strategic Problem Solving: A Common Language, A Shared Approach

CSR: Strategies to Create Business and Social Value

Corporate Responsibility Management Certification Training
Close the Loop

This newsletter is a joint production of Social Capital Markets and CSRwire.
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轉寄︰ Plunkett Weekly News 21-09-2012

2012 年 09 月 24 日

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主題︰ Plunkett Weekly News 21-09-2012

Dear all,

Please find attached the latest issue of the Plunkett Weekly News.

Best wishes,


Katherine Darling
Press & Communications Officer
t: 01993 814382

Plunkett Foundation
The Quadrangle Woodstock Oxfordshire OX20 1LH
t  01993 810730

轉寄︰ Trade as One Newsletter: Autumn Change for Good & New Products from Handmade Expressions

2012 年 09 月 24 日

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主題︰ Trade as One Newsletter: Autumn Change for Good & New Products from Handmade Expressions

Preview our Autumn Change for Good box, and check out the latest products from Handmade Expressions.
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Announcing the Autumn Change for Good Box

Fall is upon us, and with the change of seasons comes a new Change for Good box. Change for Good enables you to make justice a habit through a subscription to our fair trade food boxes. Every three months, you’ll receive a seasonally-themed tasty assortment of fairly traded foods that make a difference – in your life and in the lives of others.

The Autumn box is chock full of fair trade essentials perfect for the cooling weather, like the Six Bean Soup Mix and Earl Grey Tea among many others. It also features producer highlights of Alaffia and Thanksgiving Coffee, and recipes for Cherry Tomato Couscous and Purple Rice Pilaf with Parmigiano Reggiano and Smashed Peas. And, as always, through our partnership with Food for the Hungry, with each box we ship we will donate funds to provide seeds to grow food for families in the developing world.

Check out our website to find out more about Change for Good and sign up.


Handmade Expressions  

Fresh Items Just in From Handmade Expressions!

We’re excited to introduce some brand new products from Handmade Expressions. Among the new items are 5 hand-made natural soaps wrapped in fabric, some new scarves, jewelry and carved wooden toys and puzzles. There’s even a place to store your glasses! Hop over to our website to view all new products from Handmade Expressions.

Handmade Expressions has worked in India since 2005 to create fairly traded, environmentally-friendly products. They partner with artisan groups mostly in the rural areas of India, and work to preserve traditional art forms in the communities they support. Their artisans are proud and skilled, and Handmade Expressions works hard to provide them with a much improved livelihood and a route to market here in the West. Read more of their story on our website, and don’t forget to check out their new products!


We’re continuing to roll out over 200 new products this fall. Stay tuned to the newsletter for more producer & new product features like the above one for Handmade Expressions.

Like us on Facebook to stay abreast of these updates and more. You can also follow us on Pinterest as we post new products and fun extras like recipes. We’d love to connect with you in this way!

The Trade as One Team

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Trade As One is dedicated to using Fair Trade to help make the world a better place
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轉寄︰ National Ethical Investment Week Update

2012 年 09 月 15 日

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主題︰ National Ethical Investment Week Update

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14 September 2012

Thank you for signing up for our National Ethical Investment Week updates.

NEIW12 (14 – 20 October) is fast approaching and preparations are in full swing. Financial organisations, faith and community groups and others have various events and activities planned.

A number of events are now up on the website and more are being added as they are confirmed, so please check the website regularly to see what’s happening in your area.

NEIW12 Supporters

Please visit the 2012 Supporters page to see the wide variety of businesses and organisations that have already signed up to support NEIW this year.
 If you would like to add your logo to the Supporters page, please get in touch.

HP-Polaroid 2012

Event spotlight 
Make Your Money Count: Ethical Finance Conference 2012
13 October 2012, Bristol

This Bristol Fairtrade Network conference is open to all and aimed at anyone interested in where their money is invested and how the often secretive world of money can be more open, honest and ethical. It will cover a wide range of topics including: transparency; ethical investment and pension options; ethical and mutual banking options; international trade and tax justice; Bristol Pound and other local finance options.


For further information about this and other events please visit the

NEIW events pages.  

What can you do?
Visit the NEIW website for more information and useful resources to help you get started with green and ethical investing. If you’re part of an organisation or community group that might like to get involved in the Week, please contact us us to discuss ways in which you can do this.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @NEIW12 and like us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest green and ethical investment and finance news.

Lisa Stonestreet   
NEIW Project Manager

NEIW12 Personal Finance Sponsor:



UKSIF, Hollywell Centre, 1 Phipp Street, EC2A 4PS
Tel: 0207 749 9950, Email:, Website:

Disclaimer: This document should not be taken as financial advice or seen as an endorsement of any particular company, organisation or individual. While we have sought to ensure this information is correct at time of print, UKSIF does not accept liability for any errors. Where necessary, please check details with the source provided. 

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轉寄︰ Announcing Our E-Waste Challenge Winning Concepts

2012 年 09 月 14 日

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主題︰ Announcing Our E-Waste Challenge Winning Concepts

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How can we manage e-waste & discarded electronics to safeguard human health and protect our environment?

Check out this challenge's Collaboration Map!
Check our Collaboration Map to see how your efforts informed the Winning Concepts!

Roughly 14 weeks ago, OpenIDEO – along with Brazilian bank Itaú, the US Department of State, and the US Environmental Protection Agency – posed an important, new challenge question to our global community: How can we manage e-waste and discarded electronics to safeguard human health and protect our environment? 

In true OpenIDEO community-style, you wowed us once again with your thoughtful inspirations and creative ideas: from enabling consumers to make smarter purchase choices and flexing the business sector’s muscles around product design, to do-it-yourself tools and awareness campaigns to help educate each of us about e-waste.

In our Refinement phase, community members from all backgrounds, experiences and skill sets came together to iterate and update our Top 20 shortlisted concepts. As always, it was inspiring and exciting to see these ideas grow and get stronger through everyone’s collective input. 

And while the community joined our Evaluation phase, our challenge team did an evaluation of its own to determine which of our Top 20 were strong enough to become Winning Concepts. We first reviewed the community’s evaluation scores, along with your comments and applause, to get a pulse on your reactions to our Top 20. From there, subject-matter experts from our partner organizations shared their thoughts on which ideas offered the most potential, seemed most novel, or suggested opportunities that complimented the work they’re already pursuing. Together, we decided on a list of 9 Winning Concepts – and we couldn’t be more excited about them!

As always, while we celebrate our winning ideas, we also know that the broader congratulations goes out to every member of our community who joined our challenge. If you weren’t already convinced that our ideas are strengthened by our collective collaboration, check out this challenge’s Collaboration Map. If you click on one of our winning concepts, you’ll see all the touch points – from inspiration and concept builds to Theme connections – that demonstrate how our ideas get better the more we work together.

So with that, head over to our Winning Concepts phase to cheer on our Final 9 and celebrate our collaborative efforts for impact!

The OpenIDEO Team | Where people design better, together |

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轉寄︰ Social Business Conference – you can’t afford to miss out

2012 年 09 月 11 日

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傳送日期︰ 2012年09月11日 (週二) 10:11 PM
主題︰ Social Business Conference – you can’t afford to miss out

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‘Moving capital in a shocked economy’

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9th October

LSO St. Luke’s

, Old Street, London


We’re well known for our unusual and interesting speakers at our conference.
I think we’ve done it again

A new Victorian: KEN OLISA OBE – Keynote Speaker

SBC12 Keynote Speaker
He’s a man of our time who claims inspiration from the great Victorian social benefactors and, although impossible to summarise, Ken Olisa OBE has a CV packed with business and public service achievements. 

His career spans over 30 years in the technology sector’s upper echelons, weathering dotcom boom and bust before his entrepreneurial zeal led him to to create first one then a second merchant bank, Restoration Partners, where he is Chairman.

Come and hear this unique business leader espouse Victorian ethics and dispense chunks of hard-won wisdom at the SBC12 keynote session. Irresistible!

Read Colleen Baldwin’s interview with Ken here

Are you guilty of the typical mistakes every social entrepreneur makes?

Rodney Schwartz, SBC chair: “Social entrepreneurs often get to the end of an investor pitch having forgotten to tell them how much money they are asking for.” 

Make sure you don’t miss ClearlySo’s Elizabeth Corrado and Suzanne Biegel give their top 10 tips on securing investment


Follow Twitter #SBC12 for updates about the conference  


Federica Saccia

Sponsored by 

Delegate bag contributors

ClearlySo | 4th Floor | 20 Old Street | London | EC1V 9AB | United Kingdom