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轉寄︰ Plunkett Weekly News 29-06-2012

2012 年 06 月 30 日

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主題︰ Plunkett Weekly News 29-06-2012

Dear all,

This week in the Plunkett Weekly News:

-Final farewell to Village SOS Roadshows;

-Community Shops Fortnight in full swing;

-Plunkett Foundation Annual General Meeting;

-Community shops thriving while large retailers? growth stalls;

-Scottish community land fund relaunched;

-ABCUL welcomes news of Government investment in credit unions;

-New guide to help community enterprises trade for success.

Very best wishes,


Katherine Darling
Media & Communications Officer

Plunkett Foundation
The Quadrangle Woodstock Oxfordshire OX20 1LH
t  01993 810730
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轉寄︰ Inspiring new entrepreneurs

2012 年 06 月 29 日

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主題︰ Inspiring new entrepreneurs

Latest news from the Bromley by Bow Centre

The 						Bromley by Bow Centre
A view 						of The Bromley by Bow Centre

  BA in Social Enterprise: Inspiring new entrepreneurs 

BA student

The Bromley by Bow Centre is delighted to report that the fourth group of students from its BA in Social Enterprise has successfully completed the second year of study. This flagship Social Enterprise degree is made accessible to a diverse range of students thanks to generous funding from Bank of America Merrill Lynch through the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. 
 Click here to read more 


Be a part of our Extraordinary Festival!

Festival Games mascots

This summer to celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games coming to East London the Bromley by Bow Centre are organising a free Extraordinary Festival throughout the summer and we want you to be a part of it.
Click here to read more

Bromley by Bow Centre cyclists set off in the cover of darkness…  

Nightrider rider
At midnight on Saturday 9th June intrepid cyclists set off on a 100km moonlit cycle through the streets of London. Alongside celebrity riders such as Princess Eugenie and 1,000s of enthusiastic cyclists was a team of ten taking on this challenge on behalf of the Bromley by Bow Centre.
We would like to thank our cyclists for raising over £2,000 in sponsorship for the Centre!
Click here to read more

You can now follow Rob Trimble, CEO of the Bromley by Bow Centre, on Twitter. For all of the latest news and views from the Centre just follow @Rob_Trimble
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The Bromley by Bow Centre is a registered charity, no. 1041653. Company Registration no. 2942840 (England and Wales).

轉寄︰ The ClearlySo Newsletter – 29th June

2012 年 06 月 29 日

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主題︰ The ClearlySo Newsletter – 29th June

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Social Firms UK
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ClearlySo Newsletter | June 29th 2012
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Hello and welcome to another edition of the ClearlySo Newsletter.
We’ve been focused heavily on the health sector in our blogging this week, with articles from Mo Girach and Tom Cropper on health spinouts.
Plus some recent headlines in the sector. Don’t forget: we provide a fortnightly media watch service to our LinkedIn Group Members.
Events, jobs, and the rest; it’s the ClearlySo Newsletter. Have a great weekend!
Jonny Kates
Tea time
Want free business advice from industry and investment experts? Our monthly tea-time drop ins are a great way to network with other social entrepreneurs, pick up a few useful tips and have a nice cuppa whilst you’re at it. Our next event is on July 19th before we leap frog August and go straight to September’s session.
Contact us if you would like to be featured on our next newsletter.
Blog picture Blog picture Blog picture
Tom Cropper looks at the prickly issue of protecting the NHS and the diversity of those organisations looking to spin out: from community enterprises to profit seeking health companies.
Guest blogger Mo Girach is back by popular demand with an excellent summary of how health services can be spun out into social enterprises.
Continuing the health theme, we’ve rekindled this piece from Rod Schwartz in September last year in which he exposes the ‘elephant in the room’ for the debate around healthcare provision in the UK.
In other news
News picture
This national conference will explore creative solutions within the social entrepreneurship sector for those at a severe disadvantage in the labour market. Social Firms UK is offering ClearlySo’s network access to member rates for the day and residential tickets. Please indicate when registering your details that you are booking a special members rate via ClearlySo.
News picture
Five members of the ClearlySo team are donning their sweatbands and stocking up on Compeed as they prepare to run the British 10k on July 8th. Philippa, Simon, Fed and Stefan are raising money for the Al Hasan eye clinic in Najaf, southern Iraq and Amy is fundraising for Coeliac UK.
News picture
Not strictly a current affairs story, but who doesn’t love an infographic? This one from GOOD explains what a carbon offset is and how you can go about reducing theirs through offsetting schemes. Alternatively, you can always Do The Green thing and walk the walk!
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Social enterprise Social investor Corporate
Does your organisation want to market to our newsletter audience of over six thousand social entrepreneurs? We offer extremely competitive rates for advertising and can also provide design skills to produce a banner for you if you don’t already have marketing materials.
Contact us on 020 7490 9520 or email to discuss the options available to you.

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Happy Social Business Day 2012 – YouTube

2012 年 06 月 29 日
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轉寄︰ 社企投資論壇2012 – 徵集商業擴展計劃書 Social Investment Forum 2012 – Call for Business Development Proposal

2012 年 06 月 29 日

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主題︰ 社企投資論壇2012 – 徵集商業擴展計劃書 Social Investment Forum 2012 – Call for Business Development Proposal


(i)   尋找具擴展潛力的社企
(ii)   鼓勵投資者注資社企


Ø   亞洲金融集團及亞洲保險有限公司總裁陳智思先生,GBS太平紳士
Ø   市區重建局主席張震遠先生,GBS太平紳士
Ø   軟庫金匯慈善基金之創辦人暨受託管理人拿督黃森捷博士
Ø   香港MDE對沖基金孵化中心創辦人錢志健先生
Ø    香港女工商專業人員聯會榮譽會長黃汝璞太平紳士
Ø   豐盛社企學會主席紀治興先生


時間︰5:30pm – 6:30pm



如有意參加上述簡介會,並了解更多參賽要求,請聯絡社企民間高峰會秘書處譚先生,電郵︰,電話︰(852) 3568 3546


轉寄︰ d.light June 2012 Newsletter

2012 年 06 月 29 日

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主題︰ d.light June 2012 Newsletter

  June 2012
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d.light’s Fifth Anniversary May 31, 2012
An amazing five years of growth, change, challenge, adventure and accolades were recently celebrated at the d.light offices around the world. Over 7 million people are enjoying d.light lights in 40 countries around the world with plans for millions more over the next several years. Sales growth in just the last year from May 2011 to the same period in 2012 has been 400%!
After field testing a variety of prototypes, d.light’s co-founders, Sam Goldman and Ned Tozun won the $250,000 DFJ Venture Challenge Prize on May 31 2007, which set them on the road to further fund raising, manufacturing, distribution and sales. In a few short years, they have extended d.light’s reach, making an impressive impact on people’s lives.

d.light Sponsors “Life Without Light” Exhibit at Rio +20
d.light is a proud sponsor of photographer Peter DiCampo’s award winning international multimedia exhibit, which explores issues of energy poverty and energy access worldwide. The exhibit will be at Rio +20 at the Museu da Republica from June 14 to Sept. 23, 2012. Photographed entirely at night, DiCampo’s work takes viewers from rural Ghana’s off-grid villages to poor suburban English households where people cannot afford their energy bills and several stops in-between. Lack of access to reliable, safe, affordable lighting is a key factor in the social and economic impact of so-called “energy poverty.” Addressing this specific deficit can significantly reverse the situation to bring people out of poverty.
In our comfortable, “flip a switch” urban lives, it is easy to forget that 1.3 billion people – nearly a quarter of humanity – live without access to electricity (International Energy Agency – 2010). We are excited that this year, the UN has launched an initiative called Sustainable Energy for All, which aims to bring this issue to the forefront and make sustainable energy for all a reality by 2030. At d.light, we believe this represents a significant turning point in worldwide awareness and action, for which we remain committed to having a prominent role.

Facebook Reminder: LIKE us!

To receive more frequent updates on the latest news from d.light, please sign up to LIKE our Facebook page:

Once signed up, you’ll be part of the d.light community of followers. We’ll be updating Facebook with stories and news clips several times a week so you’ll be assured of the most current news as we continue to grow.

Durability is Key to d.light Products

Proximity, our partner in Myanmar, recently created a video that demonstrates the incredible durability of our d.light products. Watch a motorcycle drive over the S1; the S10 submerged in water; and the S250 dropped like a falling coconut from high in a palm tree.

Yes, all three d.light products keep beaming their bright light. Some viewers may be equally impressed by the skill at which the S250 carrier shimmies up the palm tree, band around his ankles.
Kopernik and d.light Micro-Franchise Project for Kenyan Girls

Kenya has a population of almost 40 million people, of which over 85% do not have electricity. They spend a significant portion of their annual income on kerosene, which is their main lighting source. The dangers of kerosene lighting are well known. At d.light, we’re partnering with Kopernik on a pilot project to train 24 young Kenyan girls between the ages of 17 and 19 to manage their own d.light micro franchise businesses in the urban slums of Nairobi.

Our partnership with Kopernik will provide a path out of poverty for these girls, empowering them to reinvest in their families and become independent entrepreneurs in their own right. In addition, it will address a major safety issue in an environment where fear of sexual violence is a nightly concern.

We anticipate that sales over 12 months will benefit close to 35,000 people with the program reaching full sustainability within 18 months of launch.

However, funds are needed to kickstart this valuable project. We hope you will join Kopernik’s supporters and many others by donating here.

Nairobi Slum Students Receive a Ray of Light

At the Gatoto Primary School in the Nairobi slum, d.light solar lanterns are making study possible for a population of almost 1,000 students, a fact that more privileged students take for granted. With the help of Sollatek, d.light’s distribution partner, and the Feltonfleet School in England, solar lanterns were donated to the school.

Children can study on site in the early morning or in the evening rather than in their homes with d.light lanterns safe, clean light. In addition to the lanterns, d.light brought in a professional storyteller to reinforce reading as a fun, recreational activity to do at night after Gatoto students have finished their studies. Check out this video, which illuminates the valuable resource our lights are providing.

New Arrival

Spring is a time of new life, new growth and new energy. All of these elements have come together in the d.light community.

Join us in wishing hearty congratulations to President Ned Tozun and his wife, Dorcas, on the arrival of their son, Jonah Sau-Yi Tozun. The delightful new addition was born on May 17th, bursting onboard at a hearty 8 lbs. 10 oz. The family is bonding and recovering from the long labor. Jonah is doing his best to train Mom and Dad to a three-hour sleep regimen.

Get more d.light more often! Follow us on Twitter, and LIKE US on Facebook!    fackbook    t


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People at Work – Jerry White

2012 年 06 月 29 日
South Africa


Cape Town 2010 Communications Team
Location: Cape Town
Country: South Africa

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Reach Map and Statistics

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By MisionGloCal1Scott
Partnership: A Spiritual Battle - A Response from Scott White

Partnership: A Spiritual Battle – A Response from Scott White
By Lausanne
A Middle Eastern Response to the Kingdom of God and Disability

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轉寄︰ Updates from the GIIN – Impact Investing News, Jobs, and Information

2012 年 06 月 28 日

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主題︰ Updates from the GIIN – Impact Investing News, Jobs, and Information

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GIIN June Updates

Impact Investing News & Events

The GIIN Has Moved

30 Broad Street, 38th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Phone: +1.646.837.7430

Follow us on Twitter

Follow us @theGIIN for the latest impact investing news, trends, and jobs.

Press Highlights

Visit the press clips resource page of the GIIN website for a more complete index of impact investing coverage.

An article in the Wall Street Journal describes the U.S. Treasury’s new guidance for program-related investments that allow foundations to advance their purposes and serve the public through investment in for-profit enterprise.
Read more >

The New York Times discusses recent developments in social impact bonds in the U.S. and U.K.
Read more >

Recent Research

Visit the research resource page of the GIIN website for a more complete survey of impact investing research.

Bridges Ventures’ report, authored by GIIN European Liaison Susannah Nicklin, finds that advisors – within larger organizations or on their own – should serve the impact investment market.

Calvert Foundation published a report and launched a website dedicated to financial advisors’ interest and needs related to impact investing.
Read more >

The Rockefeller Foundation and UN Global Compact’s report offers investors, corporations, and governments a resource for engaging with and supporting social enterprises addressing social and environmental needs.
Read more >

Arabella Advisors offers briefs that describe examples of impact investing in four major U.S. cities.
Read more >

NCIF’s annual report analyzes the financial and social performance of the CDFI industry compared to other peer groups.
Read more >

The GIIN published a case study on the impact and financial considerations that went into creating a co-investment into an African agricultural fund.
Read more >

Upcoming Events

Visit the events resource page of the GIIN website for an updated list of industry events.

Partnering for Global Impact
July 9-10, Lugano, Switzerland

Unreasonable Institute Climax
July 20-21, Boulder, CO, U.S.

Impact Investing Workshop
July 29, Denver, CO, U.S.

In This Issue:

  • Council on Foundations and GIIN Partner
  • First European Liaisons Engaged by the GIIN
  • Lok Capital Joins GIIN Investors’ Council
  • GIIN Board of Directors Welcomes New Member
  • The GIIN is Hiring a Technology Manager and a Communications Associate

Council on Foundations Partners with the GIIN to Support Impact Investing

The Council on Foundations announced important partnerships with two leaders advancing social impact, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and the Mission Investors Exchange. Ultimately, the two partnerships will draw on decades of collective experience to catalyze thought leadership and increase the amount of financial capital invested in communities. 

“The Council’s support for increasing awareness of the value of program and mission-related investing is a tremendously important development for the philanthropic sector,” said Luther M. Ragin Jr., Chief Executive Officer of GIIN. 

Read the press release >

GIIN Engages Two European Liaisons
GIIN logo
The GIIN announced it has engaged Harry Hummels and Susannah Nicklin as its first European Liaisons. While the GIIN has been working with European impact investors since its launch, the Liaisons will deepen this involvement by providing a formal local presence through which the GIIN can expand support to Europe’s dynamic and growing impact investor community. Dr. Hummels and Ms. Nicklin begin their formal engagement as GIIN Liaisons on July 1. The GIIN’s search for an additional European Liaison based in Switzerland remains open.

Read the press release > 
Read the Swiss Liaison position description > 

GIIN Investors’ Council Welcomes Lok Capital

Lok Capital logoLok Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in enterprises serving the lower income and base of the economic pyramid segments in India. Lok Capital currently manages two funds totaling USD 87 million, with a focus on financial inclusion, education, health, and livelihoods.

Read more >
View all members of the GIIN Investors’ Council >

GIIN Board of Directors Welcomes New Member

Marilou van Golstein BrouwersMarilou van Golstein Brouwers is Managing Director of Triodos Investment Management BV, a subsidiary of Triodos Bank. She has also served on the Board of Directors of Centenary Bank in Uganda, K-REP Bank in Kenya, Akiba Commercial Bank in Tanzania, KMB Bank in Russia, Brac Bank Afghanistan, and Kash Microfinance Bank in Pakistan. 

Read more >

The GIIN is Hiring

The GIIN is hiring a Technical Product Manager to guide and direct the development of the IRIS data infrastructure and technology platform. Applications are due July 13, but will be reviewed on a rolling basis so early applications are encouraged.

The GIIN is also hiring a Communications Associate to support the communications and outreach efforts across all programs. Applications are due July 20, but will be reviewed on a rolling basis so early applications are encouraged.

Read the Technology Manager description >

New Jobs Posted to the GIIN Career Center

Career CenterNew job openings in Jakarta, Kathmandu, and other global locations have been posted on the GIIN Career Center. Calvert Foundation, Ford Foundation, and NCIF are among the organizations looking for qualified impact investment professionals.

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Global Impact Investing Network
30 Broad Street, 38th Floor

New York, NY 10004

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轉寄︰ BAM e.zine Issue 10

2012 年 06 月 23 日

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寄件人︰ BAM e.zine <>
傳送日期︰ 2012年06月22日 (週五) 7:16 PM
主題︰ BAM e.zine Issue 10

Having trouble reading this? View ezine in your web browser. Please download pictures and add to your address book.
Resourcing Connecting Equipping
Business as Mission e.zine
Issue 10 : June 2012

In this issue

Training and Events

training in action

BAM conferences and courses in the USA and Asia
iBAM Impact Conference
3 day intensive introduction to business as mission
September 2012, USA
NEW! Business DTS
5 months to get ready to serve God through business
January – June 2013, Thailand
iBAM Explore & iBAM Prepare
3 and 5 week training courses giving you strong foundations.
February 2013, Thailand

“This event gave me the freedom and encouragement to continue to work out my calling to business and expanded my understanding of the impact of business within the Kingdom of God.”
David, iBAM Impact 2011

Featured Resources

BAM Think Tank

A year long project to connect the business as mission movement, take stock and strengthen BAM for the future.
Here are the top 3 ‘hottest topics’ in business as mission as identified by 200 Think Tank members:
1. How do we nurture a broader understanding of what mission through business means? How can we understand better the multiple bottom lines of business and how it can bring a holistic impact to communities and nations?
2. How do we successfully integrate the new mission model of BAM with more traditional mission models and strategies? How do we effectively navigate the transition?
3. How can we practically incubate new business as mission models to see growth in the numbers of new BAM enterprises? How do we fund these businesses?

Building the Kingdom cover

Building the Kingdom through Business

If it’s business that shapes the world, then how can we use it to shape the world for good and for God? For extract, see article by Adams and Raithatha (right)  Find out more

Landa Cope video


Landa Cope’s 10 minute video interview on God’s design for business, what God is doing among business people globally and the need to dig deeper into God’s word as we do Kingdom business. Watch Video

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Accelerating a Movement

Looking Back and Looking Forward in Business as Mission

Many of the initiatives we are involved with are about looking forward. We share resources and run events to help people launch out into business as mission. But we also know how important it is to look back. We are standing on the shoulders of those who are gone before. As we learn from what has and hasn’t worked in the past, we can go further, faster. That is what the Global Think Tank on Business as Mission is all about, providing a global forum to go deeper into effective business as mission practice, to strengthen business as mission in the future. We want to share more about some of the strategic initiatives we are involved in: the Think Tank, IBAM Impact and the Business Discipleship Training School. 
In this e.zine you can also read the article ‘Looking Backwards to Move Forward’ by Manoj Raithatha and Bridget Adams from their recent book ‘Building the Kingdom Through Business’. Our Lessons from the Edge also has a historical theme as we learn from the example of Jesse Boot.

IBAM Impact 3 day Business as Mission Conference, Charlotte, USA - September 21-23, 2012

IBAM Impact 3 Day Business as Mission Conference

Get beneath the surface of business as mission with some of the leading speakers in the business as mission movement. If you have been exploring the topic of business as mission, but feel you want to go deeper, then IBAM Impact is for you. If you want to know what business as mission looks like in practice, then come along to this unique 3 day event in Charlotte, USA in September. We deliberately limit spaces to provide an intensive, interactive environment. 

read more >

Business DTS: Know God and Make him know in business

Business DTS

The Business Discipleship Training School will help lay solid foundations for a life of service to God in business. This DTS is for you whether you plan to do business in your home community or overseas. Business has the power to do good, to transform communities and nations in Jesus’ name. The Business DTS gives you the opportunity to prepare for this kind of service and impact. The DTS is a proven 5 month program that includes 12 weeks of lecture and training; followed by 10 weeks of serving and outreach. The Business DTS will offer the opportunity for a 6 week internship in an Asian business. Know God and make Him known in Business!

read more >

Global Think Tank on Business as Mission

Wrestling with the Big Issues

The Hottest Topics in Business as Mission

The Business as Mission Think Tank is a year-long initiative designed to strengthen the business as mission movement to fulfill it’s vital role in God’s mission to the world. More than 200 practitioners and thought leaders are connecting together from around the world to grapple with some of the biggest issues in business as mission, ending with the Global Congress on Business as Mission in April 2013. As we learn and share from experiences of the past and build connections and networks for the future, we will invigorate the movement and multiply the impact of business and business people for God’s Kingdom. 
We surveyed the 200 Think Tank members so far and asked them the question: ‘What is the hottest topic in the BAM movement today?’ Or in other words, what is the one question they would most like to see answered in business as mission. See the left hand column for the top 3 answers and read more for the complete list of top 10 ‘hottest’ issues or themes.

read more >

Looking Backwards to Move Forward

Building the Kingdom Through Business – Adams & Raithatha

轉寄︰ SOCAP12: Sneak Peek & Discount for Past Attendees!

2012 年 06 月 22 日

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寄件人︰ SOCAP <>
傳送日期︰ 2012年06月22日 (週五) 4:49 AM
主題︰ SOCAP12: Sneak Peek & Discount for Past Attendees!

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SOCAP12 will be held at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA from October 1-4. The event will launch to the public next week, but we wanted to first offer you – the community who has grown with us – a sneak peek and limited discount on tickets.
Take a look below for a snapshot of individuals coming to SOCAP12, and what main themes we’ll be exploring with you at this year’s event. We’re offering 40% off – a $538 discount – for past SOCAP attendees until June 28th. 

We hope you’ll join us!

The SOCAP team   SOCAP LinkedIn  SOCAP YouTube

40% off – a $538 discount – until June 28th
 >>> Buy Tickets

150+ keynotes and panelists will join us in San Francisco for SOCAP12. Here’s a snapshot of some of those individuals:

Laura Callanan, McKinsey & Company
Carla Javits, REDF
Chris Allen, Biomimicry 3.8
Margot Brandenburg, The Rockefeller Foundation
David Erickson, Federal Reserve
Jonathan Jenkins, The Social Investment Business
R. Todd Johnson, Jones Day
Brian Trelstad, Acumen Fund
Andy Lower, The Eleos Foundation
Jim Fruchterman, Benetech
Steve Wright, Grameen Foundation
Paul Hudnut, Bohemian Foundation
John Fullerton, Capital Institute
Simon Desjardins, Shell Foundation
Jacob Harold, Hewlett Foundation
Antony Bugg-Levine, Nonprofit Finance Fund
Jed Emerson, Impact AssetsBlended Value
Tim Freundlich, Impact Assets
Cathy Clark, CASE at Duke
Katherine Fulton, Monitor Institute
Joy Anderson, Criterion Ventures

40% off – a $538 discount – until June 28th
 >>> Buy Tickets

We’ll be exploring the following themes at SOCAP12. Stay tuned for full theme descriptions in next week’s public launch.


40% off – a $538 discount – until June 28th
 >>> Buy Tickets

If you’re helping to drive social innovation within any sector, we’re interested in talking to you. SOCAP keynotes and panelists range from CEOs, government representatives, startup founders, activists, artists, and more. Because SOCAP is a community-built event, panelists are asked to pay a percentage of the ticket price.

Entrepreneurs are at the heart of SOCAP, and therefore there are many opportunities available in support of innovators who are putting their time, money, and resources to scaling social solutions. If you apply, you will be considered for a number of opportunities including a full scholarship, participation in our Innovation Showcase, Pitch Sessions and more. >>> APPLY HERE

We’re looking for top-notch masters students, self-starter entrepreneurs, non-profit representatives, and mid-career changers to play an integral role by assisting at the conference. While on duty a volunteer’s first priority are the tasks he/she is responsible for, but volunteers may fully participate in the conference outside of work shifts including attending sessions, meals and all conference events. >>> APPLY HERE

We have many high-value, low-touch ways for your organization to partner with and support the SOCAP community including: ticket packages, scholarships for entrepreneurs, and programatic engagement. If you’re interested in partnering with us financially, please contact Mike Moss & Jonathon Axtell. >>> EMAIL HERE

SOCAP is so proud to have the support of organizations around the world who want to share SOCAP opportunities with their own communities. If you’re interested in a reciprocal sharing relationship with SOCAP as a media or network partner, then we encourage you to contact us.  >>> APPLY HERE

Each year, SOCAP convenes hundreds of innovators from across the globe who are breaking new ground in social impact. If you’re interested in covering the event as press, we’d be honored to support you in telling their stories. >>> APPLY HERE

We’re looking for artists with large-scale installation peices that support or illuminate the theme of SOCAP to join us. Your art will be featured for 3 days to over 1,400 people at the event. >>> APPLY HERE

40% off – a $538 discount – until June 28th
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