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In This Issue
Meet the Team: Purnima Kumar from Barefoot Power India and Her Exchange Visit to Barefoot Power Uganda
Field Notes: Highlighting Barefoot Power’s Progress & Expansion in Africa
Latest News: Barefoot Power Accepts 2011 Katerva Awards for Leader in Energy & Power
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March 2012
Dear hou,

Welcome to the Barefoot PowerTM Impact (formerly Firefly Impact) Quarterly Newsletter.

Barefoot Power has had several exciting things happen since our last newsletter and we are on the way to reaching over 2 million people with affordable, safe and healthy alternatives to kerosene lanterns.

This quarter has seen Barefoot Power expanded its position in the marketplace with new staff and offices around the world. Training of entrepreneurs and importers is ongoing, with many exciting opportunities in the pipeline. 

We have outlined some of the key happenings in this newsletter, but be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for the most up-to-date information.

Best Regards,
The Barefoot Power Team

Meet the Team: Purnima Kumar from Barefoot Power India and Her Exchange Visit to Barefoot Power Uganda
Purnima Kumar joined the Barefoot Power team in September 2011 as a Project Manager for our Solar School projects in India. In the new year, Purnima started helping to evaluate expansion plans for Barefoot Power in India, based out of Bangalore.

Purnima spent two months on the ground in Uganda with Barefoot Power Uganda (BFPU) training on all processes involved in setting up an in country distributor, learning the ins and outs of sales, marketing, technical skills and warehouse management.
Purnima with BFPU
Purnima with Barefoot Power Uganda team
Purnima is back in India now, and has been working on building distribution networks, and strengthening relationships with previous distributors and contacts and building a cohesive strategy for BFP in India to move forward.

“In addition to meeting some excellent people, I have new found respect for this company and I am excited to be part of it! I loved my time in BFPU – I miss the sounds in the office that couldn’t be kept out of even the conference room. I enjoyed being able to ask all the questions in the world about our products.  In short, I learnt almost everything I know about BFP in those two months and I have some lasting memories from those times.” Purnima said about her experience in Uganda.

The BFPU Team is still talking about Purnima’s Indian dance performance for them, and Purnima admits to still practicing her Ugandan dance in front of the mirror, but admits that her skills are not improving in that department. 

Field Notes: Highlighting Barefoot Power’s Progress and Expansion in Africa

Introducing our Newest Distributor-Barefoot Power Rwanda, Ltd.

We are excited to announce our newest distributor, Barefoot Power Rwanda (BFPR). Under the guidance of Barefoot Power Uganda (BFPU), BFPR was officially registered in Kigali, Rwanda on January 18, 2012. This new distribution hub and Service Station for Barefoot Power products will support existing clients, as well as extend Barefoot Power’s presence throughout Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since its inception and two week introduction period, with strong support from the BFPU Management Team, the new subsidiary is focusing on establishing itself. BFPR has rented new office space, welcomed two new staff members to the team, Uwamugirimufura Rene (sales) and Ndamyabere Jean Claude (technical department), and the client network has been extended.

In the months to follow, BFPR aims to build up a diverse distribution network and client base in order to grow in a timely manner, becoming a role model as other Barefoot Power distribution partners are established in Africa and around the globe.

Smart Solar-Transition and Growth in the New Year

Smart Solar, Barefoot Power’s subsidiary in Kenya, has had an exciting past few months, with lots of growth and changes.

In October 2011, Smart Solar found a new home, moving from the industrial area into a residential area in Nairobi. The new shop is almost 100% set up and the team is settling into their new home.
Jacinta explains products at Smart Solar
Jacinta demonstrates how to use Barefoot Power’s products at Smart Solar’s new space in Nairobi, Kenya.
Smart Solar has also welcomed several new members to their team:
          Elizabeth Otieno, solar technician
          Elsie Okhoba, office administration
          Daniel Shivoga, accounts assistant
          Marylene Otieno, accounts assistant
          Benard Angatia, warehouse support
          Eric Muturi, account manager
          Andrew Barson, carbon credit specialist
          Rambow Huang, solar panel sales
          Michael Hua, solar panel sales

The Team has made regular visits over the past few months to sister company, Barefoot Power Uganda (BFPU) in order to exchange ideas and experiences, and of course to have fun. The Companies are continually sharing the intricacies of their business models, marketing approaches and technical knowledge on products between the two countries, and the dissemination of this knowledge to neighboring countries has proven fruitful to all of Barefoot Power’s distributors, helping the Company reach more off grid populations at a nice rate.

SmartSolar looks forward to leveraging marketing campaigns through partnerships with the World Bank, IFC Lighting Africa program though out Kenya.  Already they have seen increased awareness for solar energy because of the 2012 UN Year of Sustainable Energy for All campaigns.   

Barefoot Power in West Africa: Increasing and Improving Our West Africa Reach

In the last two quarters, the West Africa Global Sales team conducted Importer Workshops in Ghana, Mali and Mauritania in order to give partners technical, sales & marketing and distribution training.  These trainings were conducted in -country with five different partners, along with their technicians and distributors. With shipments having been received in Mali, Ghana, Mauritania, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, during the past four months, the West Africa Team is excited about their expansion.  
Impact Energies
Richard and Andrew from BFPU having a video skype call for a technical training with Impact Energies – partner in Ghana.
As part of their market expansion efforts, Barefoot Power in West Africa will be based out of Accra, Ghana. This established base will help us better serve our customers throughout the region.  

BFPWA has attended several events over the past few months, including the Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo in Abuja, the Africa Electrification Initiative Conference in Dakar.  Thanks to Lighting Africa for the support at all these events!

Lighting Lives in Liberia Launch
BFP at Lighting Lives in Liberia launch event. When the power went out, everyone turned on their renewable energy-powered lights!


Barefoot Power Uganda: It’s All About Sharing 

Barefoot Power Uganda (BFPU) has become a beacon for sharing more than ever in the last few months.

Since October 2011, BFPU has trained 37 micro-entrepreneurs in Uganda, further increasing the distribution of Barefoot Power products across Uganda, and improving livelihoods for those micro-entrepreneurs and their families.
BFPU Jan 2012 Micro Entrepreneur Graduates
BFPU’s newest class of micro-entrepreneurs.
BFPU’s sharing did not stop there.  Georg Heinemann, the Business Development Manager at Barefoot Power Rwanda (BFPR) trained at BFPU late last year, and BFPU staff have made regular visits to BFPR to provide ongoing support to the new subsidiary.

BFPU also supported the training of Purnima Kumar, who spent two months this year with the team, learning the ins and outs of developing successful distribution models, in order to use that knowledge to build up Barefoot Power in India.

This month, Frank Neil Yiga, one of BFPU’s training staff, traveled to Tanzania to carry out business training for the business partners of BFP Tanzania, building the capacity in Tanzania and strengthening our network in East Africa.

BFPU successfully expanded its reach in Northern Uganda by opening a regional Barefoot Power Service Center and sales point in Gulu, Uganda. 

BFPU Gulu Shop March 2012

Ibrahim Oringa, Barefoot Power Uganda sales associate showing the varied product offerings to a customer in Gulu.



Latest News:  Barefoot Power Accepts 2011 Katerva Awards for Leader in Energy & Power

Katerva Logo
The Katerva Awards recognise leaders in         sustainability worldwide and Barefoot Power was named as the 2011 leader in Energy & Power at a ceremony in Tokyo this month.

Barefoot Power CEO Rick Hooper was presented with this prestigious award by Princess Takamada of Japan.

Mr Hooper said it was an honour for Barefoot Power’s work to be recognised by the Katerva Award panel amongst nominees of high calibre. Energy & Power category runners up were Innowattech, Nanosolar, OPX BIO and Sun Catalytix.

“Billions of dollars are spent around the world each year on kerosene, which is not only damaging to the atmosphere and the environment, but is also harmful for people to breathe. Our solar energy solution provides an alternative to kerosene that is more affordable, safer and reduces carbon emissions,” Mr Hooper said.

“Recognition from organisations such as the Katerva Awards helps Barefoot Power reach its goal of impacting 5 million people by 2013. Individuals, families and communities have access to energy which will improve their lives,” he added. The Katerva Awards are given annually to sustainability ideas in 10 categories. A network of spotters, researchers, panels, experts and thought leaders whittle down the world’s best sustainability initiatives, looking at practical, strategic, scientific, social and commercial aspects for each nominee.

Katerva Award nominees are based on the principles of Katerva, who seek out “game changers and industry breakers” like Barefoot Power, who are improving the world through ideas that prove efficient in impacting lifestyle, consumption and action i


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