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Transformational Business Network

December 2011

News & Updates

TBN Members Day at Warren House

Members Day Content
The Members Day conference on the 3rd December 2011 was a great success and we enjoyed networking with new members of TBN, hearing about some amazing new projects fighting poverty all over the world, and had the chance to discuss the areas TBN will be focussing on in the next few years. Presentations from the conference have been posted on our website and audio & video recordings will follow shortly.
Impact Investment research into IFA channel
Some exciting research is being undertaken into the opportunities and challenges in the IFA market for Impact Investment. Nick O’Donohoe writes “We believe that developing the IFA market is crucial to the overall development of social investing in the UK [and] are very supportive of [this research] which will help ensure the social investment market embraces IFA needs and regulatory challenges when developing product solutions for clients.” The full press release is on our website.


More details on the Corporate Fundraiser position | Send a cow

Corporate Fundraiser vacancy
Send a Cow is assisting thousands of smallholders in Africa to become successful farming entrepreneurs and to lift themselves out of poverty permanently. The demand for its practical training and support is huge but expansion of this transforming work is constrained by funding. Could you help develop a new income stream from the private sector as Send A Cow’s new Corporate Fundraiser? The position is based in Bath and you can find more details on our website or by emailing christine.sadgrove@sendacow.org.uk
Food Development Company investment opportunity
Chris Grace, who presented at the 2011 Members Day, established the Food Development Company (FDC) in 2009 with the aim of creating a portfolio of micro food enterprises, applying commercial market based strategies to achieve sustainable social, ethical and environmental objectives as well as a viable and profitable business. The Transylvania Food Company Srl (TFC) was registered as the first operational enterprise in February 2010 and signed a partnership agreement with a UK food & drinks manufacturer to supply produce. The TFC now has five year rolling supply contracts to produce at least 152,000 litres of raw elder flower juice per year, is building new facilities, and is moving into new markets. The TFC is showing strong economic, social and environmental impact in the area. They have so far raised £360,000 from 12 investors in a combination of debt and equity and are now seeking to raise a further £150,000 to complete the construction work, to purchase further process equipment and vehicles and to recruit more staff. More details are at www.FoodDevCo.com and if you’d like to talk about this investment opportunity please contact Chris on boomtangexpress@yahoo.co.uk or 01932 843 632.

Help Needed

Water purification technology

Business guidance and investment needed for new water purification technology
TBN member Philip Monro has patented some impressive new membrane technology which could have significant commercial demand as well as humanitarian and development impact, particularly in water purification and food distrubution. He is seeking business people to get around him and help develop and launch his commercial business plans. He would also welcome investment into the technology and businesses. If you could help Philip take this further, or just want more details, please get in touch on hatsltd@aol.com
TBN Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe, a nation in transition and a marketplace in need of transformation. It is time to bring change through enterprise and so Nehemiah Trust (NT) has been established in Zimbabwe with a view to setting up TBN Zimbabwe in conjunction with TBN UK and building capacity Not-for-Profit organisations.Starting in 2012 with some foundational research, the plan is to launch later in 2012. Nehemiah Trust has already raised $14,000 and recruited 2 British and 1 Australien men to be in Zimbabwe for 3-4 months to set up and launch TBN Zimbabwe, one of which will be staying on longer term to run Nehemiah Trust, but they are still in need of additional start up funding. Anyone interested in supporting this initiative either financially or otherwise can get in touch with Ian Conolly on ian@conolly.co.zw

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Bulembu needs investors, entrepreneurs and specialists in IT, education and medicine
Bulembu Ministries, recently merged with Challenge Ministries , provides care and education to over 350 orphaned or vunerable children in Swaziland. They are moving towards a more self-sustaining model built on business but need investors for these start ups, entrepreneurs to identify new markets and advise developments in their existing venutres, and specialists in IT, education and medicine to provide help, advice and training. If you could be one of these investors, entrepreneurs or specialists please get in touch with Jon Skinner on jon@cmswazi.org.uk

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Could you improve the Tearfund gift catalogue?
Tearfund are looking for someone with creative marketing gifts and experience in catalogue sales to advise them on the presentation of their gift range catalogue. Contact Jerry on jerry.marshall@tbnetwork.org for more information.

Darren Gardner's discussion on LinkedIn re. energy projects overseas

Energy projects overseas
Darren Gardner started a discussion on LinkedIn asking for contacts or opportunities in energy projects overseas. If you might be able to help please join the discussion on LinkedIn


Trust Law Connect

Free Legal Assistance
TrustLaw Connect is a pro bono legal-services platform with over 200 law firms on board, aiming to help lawyers put their professional skills to work for NGOs and social entrepreneurs. This could be a useful resource for you if you are running or starting a TBN style project. You can find more details at www.trust.org/trustlaw

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