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主題︰ Riders News – What if you called 911 and no help came? – October 2011

Riders News
Riders News October 2011
Riders for Health is an award-winning social enterprise working to make sure all health workers in Africa have access to reliable transportation so they can reach the most isolated people with regular and predictable health care.
September 2011
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One of the biggest challenges for Riders for Health is raising awareness of the huge impact that transport and logistics can have in health care. In an article for www.riders.org Riders for Health’s Director, Global Strategy, Lakshmi Karan shares her thoughts on the importance of Riders’ work in Africa.
‘Advances in mobile technology have helped to connect the remotest parts of the world. But at the same time it has highlighted the disparity that still exists between mobile communication and physical access.
People in rural communities may now be able to call for help, but it is highly unlikely any medical assistance will show up in time. Even regular health services often cannot effectively reach the target population.
Health care in the GambiaIt doesn’t have to be like this. In September, Riders had three unique opportunities to share the impact of our work and the importance of transport and logistics in delivering health care.
On September 19, Riders for Health joined ABC News, the United Nations Foundation and several leading NGOs in launching Million Moms Challenge. Millions of American mothers will be connected with women in developing countries. Riders will show that whether it is a motorcycle helping a community health worker provide prenatal care, an ambulance that supports emergency delivery or a trekking vehicle that allows a health team to provide vaccinations to children, transport is crucial for every aspect of improving maternal health.
In 2007, Riders and the Skoll Foundation made a joint commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative – to implement a fleet leasing model in the Gambia. The Gambia is now the first country in Africa to be equipped with complete transportation coverage for its health service. On September 20, at its annual gathering, CGI screened a short film celebrating the success of our commitment.
On September 23, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) highlighted Riders for Health’s public private partnership model in the Gambia in a seminar exploring how our transportation and logistics platform can add value to health care delivery. CSIS is one of the world’s leading international policy institutions and provides strategic insights and policy solutions to governments, international institutions, the private sector, and civil society.’
You can read Lakshmi’s full article by clicking here.

If a pregnant woman goes into labour or if a child suddenly falls ill you would expect an ambulance to arrive on the scene within a few minutes. But what if the ambulance doesn’t come because it is being used to transport medical supplies?
Riders for Health Gambia Impact VideoA member of the Jahwurr Fula community said that prior to the launch of Riders for Health’s programme in the Gambia, ‘Patients or relatives bought fuel for referrals, if you did not have money with you, you had to go and find it or return home. Sometimes the ambulance was on outreach or broken down; the referral system was not reliable.’
Since 2009, in partnership with the Skoll Foundation and the Guarantee Trust Bank in the Gambia, Riders for Health is leasing a brand new fleet of appropriate vehicles to the Ministry of Health.
This major innovation means the Gambia is now the first country in Africa to be equipped with complete transportation coverage for its health service.
One in three health centres are now scheduling more outreach clinics, reaching communities on a regular basis with maternal and child health services, immunisations and other vital life-saving treatment.
‘Since the start of [Riders] work in the country, it has transformed the entire health system for the better,’ said Abdou Aziz Ceesay from the Western Central Regional Health Team. ‘Both referral and outreach services have improved tremendously.’
You can watch our new impact from the Gambia by clicking here or download our full impact report by clicking here.

Riders for Health has received lots of support over the years from motorcycle racing teams, but now a football club in Southampton will be helping to raise money to support our work in Africa.
Sporting Compass FCSporting Compass FC, who play Sunday league football in Southampton, will be displaying the Riders for Health logo on their kits throughout the season, as well as organising fundraising events.
By supporting the work of Riders for Health the team will be making sure that health workers have the reliable transport they need to reach remote, rural communities with the health care they need. Many people in Africa live a long way from the nearest clinic, and have no means of transport. If they are ill, or if their child needs vaccinations she needs, they rely on a health worker being able to visit their village. The help of everyone who supports our work makes this possible.
Riders for Health’s fundraising officer, Elizabeth, said, ‘We are really pleased that Sporting Compass will be supporting our work this year. They already have some great ideas for fundraising and whatever they do, I am sure they will have lots of fun. We all wish them the best of luck for this season.’
You can support Riders for Health’s work in Africa today by clicking here to make a donation.

Run to the BeatOver ten thousand people took part in Run to the Beat, London’s music half marathon, on Sunday 25th September and we are proud that 10 of them were running to raise money for to support Riders for Health.
The 10 runners raised over £2,000 towards our lifesaving work in Africa. Thanks to their support health workers in Africa have helped to make sure that people in rural communities in Africa continue to receive the health care they need. With a reliable motorcycle or ambulance a health worker can reach even the most rural villages with reliable, regular health care.
One of those helping to raise money for Riders for Health was Frankie Parrish, our communications officer. After completing the 13 miles Frankie said, ‘Run to the Beat is such a great event. Seeing over 10,000 other runners all in charity t-shirts is a truly amazing sight. Riders for Health is such a great cause to support, you can be sure that every penny you raise will help to make a difference to thousands of families living in rural communities in Africa who are cut off from basic health care.’
Riders for Health would like to thank all of our runners for their incredible support. To find out how you can get involved and support Riders for Health, please contact Elizabeth in our fundraising team at edunn@riders.org.

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