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主題: Riders News – Riders for Health on BBC World and our new YouTube impact videos- August 2011
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Riders News

Riders for Health is an award-winning social enterprise working to make sure all health workers in Africa have access to reliable transportation so they can reach the most isolated people with regular and predictable health care.

July 2011

Headline Quicklinks
Overcoming the odds to fulfil a personal dream
New video highlights Riders’ impact in Lesotho
Impact story of the month: The Kisumu Academy
Why not trek out with Riders? 

Overcoming the odds to fulfil a personal dream

Riders for Health is currently featuring in a brand new series on BBC World which focuses on issues and success stories around global health. The first six episodes of this new magazine show will feature Riders for Health’s lifesaving work in Lesotho.

aug11-1.jpgThe Health Show is being shown each Saturday at 11:10 (GMT+1) and is then repeated during the weekend. For those in the UK, it will be possible to see each episode on www.rockhopper.tv after they are broadcast.

Episode one featured outreach health nurse, Thabiso Phoka. You can see Thabiso’s story by clicking here.

The second show looks at a vital part of Riders for Health’s work as they follow Isaac Monokwa, a HIV counsellor who has been selected by the Ministry of Health to receive a motorcycle to help him reach isolated villages.

The two week course proves particularly difficult for Isaac. It tests both his bravery and the patience of his instructor to the limit. But he is determined, as he has a very personal reason to succeed.

‘I discovered I was HIV-positive. I went for counselling and they were looking for people who weren’t ashamed to come out and talk about their status. I found myself as one of the brave ones and they gave me training.’

The fact that Isaac is willing to talk about his status and is prepared to counsel other people means he has the potential to improve countless lives.

Isaac finally passes his test and is ready to hit the road. On arriving back at the health centre, Isaac concludes: ‘My first day was really exciting and I’m so happy as I was able to see several patients. It was a bit challenging because of the slippery roads but I think I have done well.’

Click here to watch Isaac’s story, and remember if you are outside the UK you can watch the third film from Riders’ programme in Lesotho this Saturday at 11:10 (GMT+1).

New video highlights Riders’ impact in Lesotho

At Riders for Health, we are lucky to have so many great photos and videos of our work, as well as powerful statistics that show the impact that our programmes are having on health care systems in rural Africa. Over the next few months we will be making a series of short films to show you the difference that your support makes to the people who need it most.

aug11-2.jpgThe first video shows the effect that Riders has had so far in the mountainous, landlocked country of Lesotho. You can watch it now on our YouTube channel RidersforHealthTV by clicking here.

In 2008, Riders for Health mobilised 62 outreach health workers in Lesotho with motorcycles to help them carry out their lifesaving work.

Before Riders, an outreach health worker could only visit an average of two villages per week. They had to walk for hours or use unreliable public transport to reach the most remote communities.

Now, an outreach health worker can visit almost three times that many, meaning 50,000 more people can receive health care every year, thanks to Riders.

Visit www.YouTube/RidersforHealthTV today to see our brand new video from Lesotho, and look out for more videos of Riders’ impact in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia, the Gambia, Tanzania and Nigeria coming soon on our website www.riders.org.

Impact story of the month: The Kisumu Academy

Riders for Health currently employs over 270 members of staff across our seven different programmes in Africa, but we also focus on training people from other organisations. We are often told of situations where motorcycles are being used in a project, with little or no training in how to ride for the health worker. Obviously, this is very dangerous.

aug11-3.jpgThis year, we opened a brand new training school in Kisumu, Kenya where trainees are equipped with new skills to tackle tough terrain and keep their motorcycle running day after day. This means they will be able to reach many more families living in rural communities with vital health care.

The newest member of our team at the Academy, Salmon Obilo, will focus on delivering safe riding training to those health workers who have never ridden a motorcycle before, like Benard Omondi Awuondo. Benard works for FACES, one of nine community-based organisations that Riders partners with in Kenya.

Initially Benard had some concerns about learning to ride a motorcycle but, by the end of the training, he had overcome these worries. ‘It feels cool to ride alone,’ he said. ‘It was a fantastic experience and a big step in my life.’

Just £55 could provide a day’s training for a health worker like Benard in riding and driving skills and basic vehicle maintenance, equipping them with everything they need to be safe on the roads and saving lives. Click here to make a donation today.

Why not trek out with Riders?

Do you fancy walking from Avebury to the world famous Stonehenge or through the beautiful South Downs or along the historic Hadrian’s Wall? If you do, why not take part in a Trekathon event and help raise money for Riders for Health?

Riders for Health’s teams in Africa are having a huge impact, but they need your support. aug11-4.jpgWe have teamed up with Discover Adventure, a company who specialise in running adventure challenges for people raising money for charity. Trekathons are perfect if you want to take on a challenge, but you want to start closer to home.

On the Trekathon you will walk the distance of a marathon (26 miles) over the course of the day, along some of Britain’s most beautiful paths. The events are not competitive, and whether you sign up on your own or with friends, it is a great way to meet people and have lots of fun, as well as raising money for our work.

There are six different Trekathons to choose from. To find out how you can get involved please contact Elizabeth from our fundraising team at edunn@riders.org or why not visit www.riders.org?

Most importantly, your fundraising will make a difference to people across rural Africa. While you are sure to be faced with long distances and difficult terrain on your adventure, these are challenges that face health workers every day.

Riders for Health News

New video highlights impact in Lesotho

Overcoming the odds to fulfill a personal dream

Riders for Health in new BBC World TV series

Impact story of the month

Supporter News

Britain’s top comedians support Riders for Health

Triumph’s milestone motorcycle raises £8,000

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