Fw: Plunkett Weekly News 22-07-2011

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2011年7月30日 星期六,WeeklyNews@plunkett.co.uk <WeeklyNews@plunkett.co.uk> 寫道﹕

寄件人: WeeklyNews@plunkett.co.uk <WeeklyNews@plunkett.co.uk>
主題: Plunkett Weekly News 22-07-2011
收件人: incubator.hou@gmail.com
日期: 2011年7月30日,星期六,上午3:03

Dear all,

This week in the Plunkett Weekly News:

Plunkett Foundation News:

-Villagers mark shop?s ten year milestone

Co-operatives and Social Enterprise News

-Locality National Convention

-Top of the shops! Lodsworth Larder wins prestigious Nectar business award

-Communities to benefit from top legal and finance advice

-Industrial and Provident Societies not to be registered as charities

-Future of Foresters Arms secured by local community

Farming and Food News:

-How to be better at business?

Food price inflation set to increase this summer

Rural Development News:

-Support is vital for Community Assets

Shepreth phone box turned into Dog and Bone pub

Proposals to reform registration system for village greens

International News:

-No shortage of credit for community groups and social enterprises in Ireland

Very best wishes,




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