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2011年7月30日 星期六,OpenIDEO <hello@openideo.com> 寫道﹕

寄件人: OpenIDEO <hello@openideo.com>
主題: A New Challenge on OpenIDEO – and something to celebrate!
收件人: “Houghton” <incubator.hou@gmail.com>
日期: 2011年7月30日,星期六,上午4:56

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How might we increase social impact with OpenIDEO over the next year?

There’s a new challenge for social good!

Wow! What an eventful year it’s been – there are now over 17,000 of us from more than 170 countries collaborating on challenges for social good at OpenIDEO.

Together, we’ve collected and created thousands of Inspirations and Concepts around pressing social issues, including maternal health, affordable education, local food and cancer. We’ve also caught the attention of others, earning awards from the likes of the Webbys and Core 77 and mentions from The New York Times to Harvard Business Review. But most importantly – we’ve done it all together.

  As we reflect on the year that’s been and celebrate our achievements, let’s also turn our attention to the year ahead. We’re excited to launch a fresh challenge that’s about improving the impact of our very own collaborative community! Over the next 6 weeks we’re hoping you’ll join us to inspire, concept and evaluate in true, spirited OpenIDEO style to help shape the way we might extend our achievements even further and more meaningfully.

  We’ll start by asking you to share your Inspirations around learnings and highlights from OpenIDEO, explore the scope of social impact, consider various ways to connect people and even try out taking small steps in creating impact in your own communities. Next up, during the Concepting phase, you’ll get the chance to build upon all this great insight to suggest ingenious ways in which the OpenIDEO community can extend impact as we go from our first year’s baby steps to bolder strides. And of course, throughout it all, you can contribute by joining one or multiple community conversations. Many of the awesome ideas our community has come up with over the past year have been through keen discussion and sharing of diverse, global perspectives.

  So if you’re passionate about collaboration and social impact – join us to make a difference!

The OpenIDEO Team

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