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2011年6月14日 星期二,Shai Reshef <shai.reshef@uopeople.org> 寫道﹕

寄件人: Shai Reshef <shai.reshef@uopeople.org>
主題: 1,000 Students and New York University!
收件人: “incubator.hou@gmail.com” <incubator.hou@gmail.com>
日期: 2011年6月14日,星期二,下午9:43

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June 2011 Newsletter | www.UoPeople.org

New York University’s Groundbreaking Collaboration
UoPeople Proudly Accepts More Than 1,000 Students 
Introducing “Meet UoPeople’s Students” Presentation 

Dear Friend,

I’m excited to share with you that University of the People has reached a very important and exciting milestone:  We have established a collaboration with New York University (NYU) to identify disadvantaged UoPeople students who are eligible for admission to one of the most selective institutions in the world – NYU Abu Dhabi.

This collaboration, as featured in The New York Times, is important since most of our students had no alternative to higher education before we opened the gates for them.  Now, the most successful may be able to further pursue their dreams by attending one of the best universities in the world.  

John Sexton, President of NYU, has shared his admiration of UoPeople in a statement regarding our collaboration, “We admire that UoPeople is seeking to bring higher education to so many of the world’s disadvantaged, and we anticipate a productive collaboration between [UoPeople] and NYU in identifying exceptionally bright and ambitious young people worldwide who could join our Abu Dhabi campus.” 

Our high performing students, who have studied for at least one year at UoPeople, and who meet the standards of admission to NYU, will be eligible to apply for admission to NYU Abu Dhabi.  Successful applicants who qualified would also be eligible for generous financial aid – enabling them to attend.

As we reach this collaboration milestone with NYU in the academic world, we also reach another, remarkable milestone: UoPeople has now proudly accepted over 1,000 students from more than 115 countries. 

We could not have done it without you, and appreciate your continued support. 

Warm regards,

Shai Reshef
Founder & President 
University of the People


UoPeople in the News: Groundbreaking Collaboration with NYU 

Partnership to Further Global Quest by N.Y.U.


Published: June 8, 2011



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