Social Business Essay Competition 2011

About the Social Business Essay Competition

The Yunus Centre’s Social Business essay competition is aimed at young people who have creative ideas about how to achieve the Millennium Development Goals through Social Business. The concept of Social Business is new and very innovative as it pursues a social objective within a business structure. Young people have supported and embraced this concept. The world is eager to hear what Bangladeshi young people have to say and what creative ideas they have in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.
This is an extraordinary opportunity for young students of Bangladesh, as their ideas will be read through by Professor Yunus, social business entrepreneurs and influential people in the social business movement. They will have the chance to contribute to the development of the social business concept with ideas meant to improve the social and economic conditions of the world poorest countries.

Elegibility qualifications
1. The Competition is open to Bangladeshi students.
2. Participants must be between the ages 18-25 on November 14, 2011.
3. Participants must attend a Yunus Centre’s introductory workshop on the social business concept in order to be qualified for the competition.



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