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2011年4月7日 星期四,Beyond Profit <ritika@beyondprofit.com> 寫道﹕

寄件人: Beyond Profit <ritika@beyondprofit.com>
主題: Rural Innovation: Lessons from the last mile
收件人: incubator.hou@gmail.com
日期: 2011年4月7日,星期四,下午4:32

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Beyond Profit


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Beyond Profit E-Magazine

April 7 – April 20, 2011


Welcome to Issue 15  

    BP Issue 15 cover

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Quick Links

Intellecap report cover

Opportunities for Private Sector Engagement in Urban Climate Change Resilience Building Download report 



Networking to Bridge the Last Mile


India’s state-run postal service reaches 155,000 villages. Find out how one company is using that network to help farmers connect with the market.





Beyond Profit speaks to L.P. Semwal, CEO of the Uttarakhand based Syuri, about the company’s efforts to form farmer cooperatives.



Top 5

We look at five different models that businesses are using to cover the last mile.  




The Innovation Capacity Index ranks countries based on their capacity to spark innovation. See how China and other countries rank.




The Honey Bee Network could act as a model for India’s National Innovation Council that was launched last year.  



Report Review

A new publication from IFMR says that revenue opportunity at the rural BoP level is equal to opportunities in urban markets.



Eye On

Vijaya Pastala of Under the Mango Tree talks about the challenges the organization has faced in sourcing organic honey from farmers.


Beyond Profit (www.beyondprofit.com) is a leading publication focused on social enterprise and development innovation in South Asia. The magazine sparks “beyond profit” thinking in the hopes that the reader will make change–either by starting an enterprise or by investing time or capital in fostering new development approaches.


This e-magazine is brought to you by Intellecap – a social investment advisory firm providing services to the for-profit development sector in areas such as microfinance, water, energy and education.

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