Fw: Social Enterprise Business Support Programme Newsletter: Issue 5: March 2011

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2011年3月25日 星期五,Social Enterprise Coalition <newsletter@socialenterprise.org.uk> 寫道﹕

寄件人: Social Enterprise Coalition <newsletter@socialenterprise.org.uk>
主題: Social Enterprise Business Support Programme Newsletter: Issue 5: March 2011
收件人: “Social Enterprise Coalition” <newsletter@socialenterprise.org.uk>
日期: 2011年3月25日,星期五,下午6:15

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The Social Enterprise Business Support Programme Newsletter

Issue 5: March 2011

Inside this issue


Latest Developments: The Business Support Landscape

Events – Voice11, the UK’s biggest social enterprise event!

The Social Enterprise Business Support Programme

National Knowledge Management Programme: National Learning Project Updates

Investing in Social Enterprise Expansion (I-SEE) Programme: Project Updates

Case Studies

Knowledge Management



Welcome to the 5th issue of the Social Enterprise Business Support Programme Newsletter. Since our last issue, it has been a very busy time at SEC, gearing up for Voice11 – the UK’s biggest social enterprise event, and our biggest Voice yet! Voice11 is happening at the 02 arena, London, next Wednesday 30th March, and is about doing business, bringing new business into the social enterprise sector, and making the external business environment truly supportive and successful for social enterprises. There will be 20 practical business support workshops, networking and investment opportunities . Book your tickets now to take advantage of a special rate for Business Support Newsletter subscribers. 

Also in this issue are the final updates from the National Learning Projects under the Capacitybuilders funded National Knowledge Management Programme. This three year programme to develop effective sector products, services and knowledge-sharing networks has now come to a close in March 2011. We have been developing some Knowledge Management tools and resources as part of this, as well as reviewing all of the work done over the programme. Over the next couple of months there will be more follow up to the final evaluation by Rocket Science, as well as discussions on legacy progress.

Thanks to all of those who completed the questionnaire on our newsletter – changes will be made to the Business Support Newsletter over the next couple of months.

We look forward to seeing you at Voice11!

– The Social Enterprise Business Support Team

Latest Developments: The Business Support Landscape      

Growing the social investment market – a vision and strategy

In February, Government published Growing the social investment market – a vision and strategy, which sets out its vision for the social investment market and outlines the enabling actions that will allow social investment to flourish.

It acknowledges that social ventures (including social enterprises) need support to improve their investment readiness and their business capability.  Further it states that they can, in theory at least, access support services including: mainstream business support (particularly the Business Link website), local business support (for example through local enterprise agencies), mainstream professional services, public and private pro bono corporate support, support bodies specifically for social ventures, and finance intermediaries.

In practice, many social ventures struggle to access the support they need.  Government says that there is more that can be done:

  • In the short term it can make the support services that are available easier to find and better connected
  • There is a need to improve the sustainability of business capability services
  • Every Business Commits calls on businesses to go beyond corporate social responsibility
  • More pro bono support from the commercial and public sectors
  • Social enterprises can apply for the Regional Growth Fund, a £1.4 billion fund that aims to encourage enterprise and jobs in places that are heavily reliant on the public sector
  • BIS is working with the UK trade bodies, mentoring organisations and the British Bankers’ Association to build a network of 40,000 mentors
  • Government is looking at its broader support for VCSE organisations

A full strategy summary from SEC can be found here: http://www.socialenterprise.org.uk/pages/whats-new.html

The Co-operative Group Ethical Operating Plan “Leading the Way”

Last month, The Co-operative Group published “Leading The Way– a revolutionary approach to corporate social responsibility”. SEC’s Peter Holbrook has called the Ethical Operating Plan a “leading light” for the UK’s social enterprise movement; saying, “This strategy demonstrates a commitment to ethical, sustainable business practice.  The plans will no doubt capitalise on the current public mood – research tells us that there has been a shift in consumer thinking following the financial crisis.  People do not want businesses to damage communities – they want businesses to help solve our social and environmental problems”.  

The Ethical Operating Plan (2011 – 2013) can be read here: http://www.co-operative.coop/Documents/1/CoopEthicalOperatingPlan160211.pdf

Business Link launches Contracts Finder

Contracts Finder is a free new service from Business Link for businesses, government buyers and the public. Social enterprises can use the service to find contract opportunities, closed tender documentation, as well as contract awards and contract documents.

On February 11th, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that a number of measures are being put in place to make sure 25% of government business goes to SMEs, and the Contracts Finder is part of the government’s transparency commitment, to enable businesses to see where government money is spent.

Peter Holbrook, CEO of the Social Enterprise Coalition, commented “We have been waiting a long time for this sort of very practical step to make public spending work better for the economy. SMEs are the engine room of the UK economy and must be supported if we want sustainable growth. While this announcement can be welcomed by the social enterprise community, we want to see 25% of government business, and more, go to SMEs that are social enterprises. This would help ensure that public spending was truly providing wider social value.

The Contracts Finder is on the Business Link website here: http://www.contractsfinder.businesslink.gov.uk/

Events – Voice11, the UK’s biggest social enterprise event!


Voice11 is brought to you by the Social Enterprise Coalition and this year will be the biggest yet with 130 exhibitors and an expected 1,000+ delegates, including social enterprises, third sector and public sector organisations, as well as private sector companies supportive of social enterprise PLUS senior cabinet ministers, MPs and social enterprise policymakers, investors and funders.

The focus of Voice11 is on doing business, bringing new business into the social enterprise sector, and making the external business environment truly supportive and truly fertile to social enterprise.

At a time when social enterprises face big challenges as well as so many opportunities, we know that bringing business opportunities to working social enterprises is the most practical thing we can do.


What’s happening at Voice11 

  • Keynotes and participation from senior government ministers and MPs including:


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