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2011年3月10日 星期四,Matthew Hann <mhann@riders.org> 寫道﹕

寄件人: Matthew Hann <mhann@riders.org>
主題: Riders News March 2011 – Day of Champions latest news and Riders on the move against TB
收件人: “Riders News” <incubator.hou@gmail.com>
日期: 2011年3月10日,星期四,下午9:42

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Riders News

Recent website problems
We are sorry that this edition of Riders News is a few days late. You may have noticed that for a week between Saturday 26th February and Monday 7th March the
Riders for Health website was unavailable.

Problems with the websiteThe company that hosts our website has had some major hardware and software failures and we are currently using a back up copy of our site from January 2010.

This means that, although everything looks the same, some of the content on the site may be a little out of date. We are working as quickly as possible to update the website, but www.riders.org is a very big site and there are a lot of pages to go through, so please bear with us.

Online auctions

For those of you who have already placed a bid on our online auction, it means that we have lost the record of your bid. We have re-opened all of the auctions and if you would like to make a new bid please click here. There is no danger that you will be charged twice.

We have extended the bidding for the Qatar passes until Sunday 13th March at 22.00 GMT, to make sure everyone who wants to bid can do so.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused and we want to thank you for your support of Riders for Health.

On the move against tuberculosis
Thursday 24th March is
World TB Day and as members of the Stop TB Partnership, Riders for Health will be raising awareness of a disease that affects 11 million people every year. The slogan for the day is ‘On the move against tuberculosis’ and no one epitomises this as much as Riders for Health.

TB officer in LesothoIf we fail to step up action today, about 40 million people will become ill with TB and at least eight million will die unnecessarily between now and 2015. Almost a third of these will be in Africa. TB is an ancient disease, but today it is curable. In the 21st century, no one should die from TB.

A third of people with TB are not reached with accurate diagnosis and appropriate care. In Lesotho, Riders for Health is helping to mobilise TB officers so they can reach villages to provide care to patients in their own homes. This helps reduce the spread of the disease, and also helps to ensure that patients take the drugs they need at the right time and do not miss any doses.

But most importantly, it is also essential that TB patients are diagnosed as quickly as possible. That is why Riders are mobilising sample couriers with reliable motorcycles. These couriers are able to transport blood and sputum samples from rural clinics to laboratories quickly, and then return the results just a few days later. Without a system for reliable testing, it means people with TB will be putting their communities in danger. When patients are sure they will get test results quickly and accurately we have seen that more people start visiting clinics and accessing health care because they have more faith in the service.

Riders for Health’s Partnership Director in Africa is Kameko Nichols. She says, ‘Riders for Health is mobilising health workers who focus on prevention education and treatment of TB. This means the health workers have greater reach and more patients can access these services, especially in rural areas. But, of course, patients cannot be treated if they go undiagnosed. Our sample transport system is ensuring efficient and timely diagnosis, enabling faster treatment.’

To find out more about how Riders for Health is helping TB officers in Lesotho, 

click here or click here to visit the Stop TB Partnership website.

Day of Champions – latest news
The start of the MotoGP season is just a few weeks away. The teams and riders are busy testing and with all the team changes over the winter, it promises to be one of the most exciting seasons for years.

Riders for Health is the official charity of MotoGP and our preparations are well underway for all of our fundraising events throughout the season.

Day of ChampionsWe have already been receiving emails and messages from people looking forward to Day of Champions at Silverstone, and to our events around the world.

Day of Champions will be on Thursday 9th June, before the British MotoGP at Silverstone in Northamptonshire. We will be announcing when tickets will be going on sale soon, but with tickets sure to sell out quickly, make sure you don’t miss out by keeping up to date with the latest news.

There are now more ways than ever to get the latest information about our events. As well as visiting our website www.riders.org, you can visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ridersforhealth or follow @dayofchampions on Twitter for the latest Day of Champions news.

The teams will open the gates to the exclusive MotoGP paddock and pitlane, giving fans the chance to see behind the scenes of MotoGP. There will be live music and interviews on stage, and lots of bike-based entertainment during the day. It is also the best chance to see the stars of MotoGP as they appear on stage to help raise thousands of pounds for Riders for Health.

Day of Champions is the best way to start your British MotoGP weekend, but if you aren’t in the UK why not visit Day of Stars event at Laguna Seca or Dia de los Campeones at Valencia? Riders for Health will have more news on all of our events, so make sure you keep up to date.

Impact story of the month
At Riders for Health we are developing new ways to show the impact that our work is having on communities in rural Africa. Starting this month, we are introducing a series of stories on our website which will illustrate how reliable transport is making a real difference to millions of people.

Impact story of the monthThe stories will focus on a different beneficiary each month – such as a health worker, an outreach clinic or a community-based organisation.

This month, you can read about Tsepo Kotelo, a health assistant at Likalaneng Health Centre in Lesotho. To read Tsepoi’s story, click here.

Before Riders helped to mobilise him with a motorcycle, Tsepo had to visit his patients in rural villages by foot.

When Tsepo received his motorcycle he was able to travel 80km to a village called Ha Thaba-Bosiu that had never before been visited by a health worker. On Tsepo’s return to the health centre, he told the other members of staff about the isolated community and together they organised a three day outreach service to attend to everyone who wanted to access health care.

Tsepo is sure that without his motorcycle, hundreds of men, women and children in this village might still have no health care visits. To read his story in full, why not visit our website by clicking here?

There are now more ways than ever to discover how Riders for Health is helping support health care in Africa. Each week we post our favourite ‘photo of the week’ and ‘quote of the week’ to our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as all our latest news. 

Social media is also a great way to get in touch with us, so start following us today and join Riders’ community around the world.

Make a difference this Mother’s Day
Have you thought of the perfect gift for Mother’s Day yet? April 3rd is fast approaching so instead of sending flowers again this year, why not make a real difference with a Riders for Health gift donation?  

Virtual giftsYour gift will help support women like Lefulesele Masokanye, a mentor mother from Lesotho. Lefulesele is HIV positive. In 2007 she gave birth to a baby boy but, without realising it, Lufulesele had passed the virus on to her unborn baby. He died shortly after birth.

Lefulesele now visits rural communities to educate HIV positive women on how to take their anti-retroviral treatment correctly during pregnancy to avoid passing the virus to their children.

Just £10 could buy a fortnight’s worth of fuel for a health worker, enabling them to cover hundreds of kilometres delivering vital health care to their communities.

Make sure that our heath workers are safe on the roads by donating £30 for the cost of a helmet.

Or £55 could provide a day’s training in safe riding and basic maintenance skills so that a health worker’s motorcycle never breaks down.

Each donation comes with a card illustrating how your gift is helping to save the lives of thousands of families across rural Africa.

To order your gift today, visit our online shop at www.riders.org

Latest news links

Development news

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18 February 2011
Joan Ryan named chair of trustees

25 February 2011
Impact story of the Month

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