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2011年1月7日 星期五,Kevin Jones <info@socialcapitalmarkets.net> 寫道﹕

寄件人: Kevin Jones <info@socialcapitalmarkets.net>
主題: Good Capitalist: Social Capital News
收件人: incubator.hou@gmail.com
日期: 2011年1月7日,星期五,上午4:42

Click here to see this e-mail as a web page: Good Capitalist Issue 19
The Good Capitalist
January 2011
Issue: 19
This issue we highlight two stellar initiatives that combine a mix of social and environmental value in new and scalable ways. Both projects will be highlighted and raising money at SOCAP/Europe.

Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, a people’s movement that went the other way from Chiapas, but became firmly entrenched in the environmental and development worlds is selling some of the highest priced carbon in the world. Coming to understand why they can charge that premium doesn’t just make environmentally minded funders understand the importance of poverty alleviation. It also forces social first funders to understand the linked nature of environmental value. It requires two siloed groups to use a new set of lenses, borrowed from the other.

Likewise, Grassroots Business Fund’s migration from a non-profit experiment to a scalable for-profit $60 million impact investment fund while retaining all the deep mission focused value of the non profit’s technical assistance requires investors to understand donor value mixed with a deal that offers real financial return. Again, a set of lenses to see the blended value created by non profit and for profit capital coming to the table in new ways is what’s needed to get the picture. 

That kind of deep linking of blended social and environmental value is at the core of what we are going to be talking about and getting done at SOCAP/Europe. GBF will still be raising funds with an end of June deadline when we help them tell their story at SOCAP/Europe.

Kevin Jones & Team

Social Capital Market

From Pilot Project to Tripling in Size in Three Years: Grassroots Business Fund shows what scale means

By: Kevin Jones

Innovation abounds in the social capital market. The number of one-off proof of concept projects is increasing geometrically. On the other hand, the number of groundbreaking pilots that triple in size, and shift from asking for grants to offering a financial return within three years, can be counted on one hand. Grassroots Business Fund is in that select group. >>>Read More

Sierra Gorda Brings Social Impact to Carbon Sales: Social and Environmental Value Combine for Impact

By: Kevin Jones

A Mexican people’s movement in an arid rural area is about to come to market with some of the highest priced and heavily validated carbon and ecosystem services on the planet. Because it creates a unique mix of social and environmental value, the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve’s luxury niche carbon offset has a hard time telling its story to donors who are often focused principally either on the planet or on the people, but less often both. >>>Read More

In This Issue
Grassroots Business Fund Triples in Size
Sierra Gorda Brings Social Impact to Carbon Sales
UN Foundation helps Sierra Gorda

Un Foundation
People’s movement creates indigenous capital, sells it back to the West at a premium

UN Foundation helps Sierra Gorda’s people create a unique blend of environmental and social impact.

“We got involved with Sierra Gorda in 2004,” said Ryan Hobert, Deputy Director of the UN Foundation’s Climate and Energy Program “We wanted to offset all of our current and historical green house gas emissions, our heating, our cooling, and our air travel. >>>Read More.

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