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主題: Wall Street Wake-Up Call, Impact Investment News, and the B Corp MVP
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Wall Street Wake-Up Call?

Promoting Impact Investments

Further Notions of a New Economic Story

RSF Discusses Slow Money Investment

B Corp MVP

IC Education Venture Fair



“In recent times our economic life has begun to require more of us than we are ethically, religiously, capable of achieving…Study the sociology of the present day and you will find: The social conflicts are largely due to the fact that, as economic systems expanded into world economy, it became more and more needful to be altruistic…At the same time, in their way of thinking, human beings did not get beyond egoism and therefore kept interfering with the course of things in a clumsy, selfish way.” Rudolf Steiner, Economics: The World as One Economy

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January 2011

Happy New Year!  We are so excited to kick off another great year here at RSF. We wrapped up 2010 with some great reflections on investment and our current financial system. Don Shaffer contemplates a “Wall Street Wake-Up Call” and we look at some interesting events bringing together the impact investment community. Also check out the great kudos received from our friends at B Corp!

Wall Street Wake Up-Call?

For years, we at RSF have been saying that today’s financial system is complex, opaque, and anonymous, based on short-term outcomes.  So the New York Times article is not surprising to us (or to you probably).  As a next step in human evolution, the direction in which we need to move is to create financial transactions that are direct, transparent, and personal, based on long-term relationships…Read the full post on the Reimagine Money blog.

Promoting Impact Investments

I recently returned from 2 conferences— Investors Circle and SRI in the Rockies. While these events differed greatly in their core audiences and platforms, there were actually some key similarities, most notably in their thoughtful and deliberate promotion of the impact investing space…Read the full post on the Reimagine Money blog.

The Center is Uncertain: Further Notions of a New Economic Story

That human nature could be considered disconnected from the rest of the natural world, or that humans are the master of nature are both fictive concepts. From an economic standpoint, from the perspective of how we work in the world to meet each other’s material needs, such fiction is used to justify how one person can benefit from another’s sacrifice and how we can continue to consume and waste nature for the sake of undue profit…Read the full post on the Reimagine Money blog.

RSF Discusses Slow Money Investment

The Slow Money movement has received some great coverage in a mainstream financial industry publication.  A recent InvestmentNews article discusses the growing market for small, local, and deliberate investments intended to keep capital flowing through local economies…Read more in the RSF Newsroom.

Don Shaffer Named B Corp MVP!

Our very own President & CEO Don Shaffer was given the MVP award at this year’s B Corporation Champions’ Retreat in recognition for his consistent and significant support of all B Lab initiatives.  In honor of all of his work, Don was awarded a Roman helmet to symbolize how he’s gone to battle for B Lab…Read the full post on the Reimagine Money blog.

Investors’ Circle Education Venture Fair & Forum

The Aspen Insitute, Investors’ Circle and Startl will host an Education Innovation Forum and Venture Fair January 19-21, 2011 in Washington DC. This event will convene leading change makers as well as some of the nation’s most creative public and private sector leaders to address the intractable challenges facing American K-12 education today. The Venture Fair will showcase private companies that are working on the cutting edge of education innovation and promote opportunities in this dynamically changing space to private investors…Click here to learn more.

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