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2010年12月23日 星期四,Application Experts <Application_Experts@mail.vresp.com> 寫道﹕

寄件人: Application Experts <Application_Experts@mail.vresp.com>
主題: Get Your IRIS On!
收件人: houghton.wan@incubator.com.hk
日期: 2010年12月23日,星期四,上午3:26

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Hi Houghton,

Ready to Get Your IRIS On?

App-X is offering discounted support for organizations that commit to submit data to the IRIS initiative in the new year and use Pulse. Organizations will be entered to win a year of free Pulse support & IRIS submission configuration from App-X, an official IRIS adoption partner

  • First 10 organizations to complete an entry form can purchase 3 hour tours and/or support for 2011 for 50% off.  Must register by January 14th.  
  • First 5 organizations to complete entry forms AND successfully submit data to

IRIS by March 1 are entered to win a year of free support ($5,000 value).

  • Existing Pulse Support Customers are eligible for assistance with the IRIS submission process as part of their support contract.
  • All IRIS submission work to begin in late January.

Link to App-X & Pulse website

Pulse IRIS Logo

Be the first to enter! 

Click link for entry form and details

Support includes basic technical support on using Pulse, creating reports, changing certain fields, etc. App-X will provide training and help configure systems to easily submit to IRIS. IRIS will provide up to 3 hours of IRIS adoption support.





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