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2010年12月21日 星期二,Kevin Jones, Good Capital <info@socialcapitalmarkets.net> 寫道﹕

寄件人: Kevin Jones, Good Capital <info@socialcapitalmarkets.net>
主題: Good Capitalist: Social Capital News
收件人: incubator.hou@gmail.com
日期: 2010年12月21日,星期二,上午2:37

Click here to see this e-mail as a web page: Good Capitalist Issue 18
The Good Capitalist
December 2010
Issue: 18

2010 has been a big year for the social capital markets. The SOCAP conference sold out for the third year in a row, once again affirming that more organizations, influencers and capital providers are looking at different ways of moving money and making a difference. As we look to 2011, we are excited to expand to Europe with the first international SOCAP event to be held in Amsterdam May 30th-June 1st. We will take our first step towards the merging of public and private interest in social enterprise through a deep collaboration with the State Department (more details to come in the New Year). We thank you all for supporting our team as we have worked to provide a platform to showcase the innovative organizations and individuals who are doing amazing work in this space. We look forward to another year of pushing boundaries and expanding horizons.

Until then, Happy Holidays!
The Good Capital and SOCAP Team

Social Capital Market Lens

By Kevin Jones
When I first entered the Social Capital Market nine years ago, I found myself suddenly on the board of the Social Enterprise Alliance, the association of non profits working on building businesses and services to create earned income to support their mission. The organization had recently been decimated by a bloody fight between the founders over the definition of social enterprise. Billy Shore of Shared Interest, the godfather of cause marketing had not agreed with where the group had drawn the line, and Charles King of Housing Works had been left to pick up the pieces and lead the group forward. >>>Read more.

Broken Markets, Mending Myths
By Kevin Jones
An important step in bridging the gap between the philanthropic capital market and the social capital market took place at the recent SOCAP10 conference. Both sides met, as if they were trade delegations from a foreign land, entering the market at the intersection of money and meaning and each pitching its tent, like a market on the Black Sea at the end of the silk road. >>>Read more.

Sails of Consciousness
By Frank van Beuningen
When you come to Amsterdam in May for SOCAP Europe, you will know that wind and sea are part of our lives here. And so I think this way of the social capital movement: a small sailboat has become a beautiful windjammer, the wind catches the sails of consciousness, and the tides are in our favor to get underway.
PYMWYMIC is honoured to partner with SOCAP, who come to Amsterdam with the great team that built the success of SOCAP Bay Area. >>>Read more 

Social Capital Market
News Briefs

Fertile Ground for Designing a Sustainable Future – Attend the conference hosted by Compost Modern in San Francisco on January 22nd & 23rd, 2011 at a special rate for the SOCAP community. Use code PRTNRCM11 for the discounted price of $224 >>>Register here 

Mission and Money – A Dangerous Mix- Social entrepreneurs face many challenges and risks in looking to optimize a social and financial return within hybrid organizations. >>>Read article 

IBM Pledges 50 Million to Create 100 Smarter Cities – IBM’s largest philanthropic investment will send top experts to 100 grant winning cities in order to advise on local issues such as healthcare, education safety and more. >>>Read article

Buckminster Fuller > The Buckminster Fuller Challenge – Call for entries for the yearly $100,000 challenge to support the development and implementation of a strategy that has significant potential to solve humanity’s most pressing problem. >>>Read article

Ashoka Changemakers > Ashoka’s G20 SME Finance Challenge – The G20 announced more than one half billion dollar commitment to support the 14 winning SME organizations. >>>Read article

Huffington Post > An Increasingly Important Debate: Microfinance as a Non-Profit or Possible IPO? – Is for profit microfinance a way to increase opportunities for more loans on a broader scale or setting the state for a broader replication of the village loan shark model? >>>Read article

SF Chronicle > mHealth Alliance to Receive $1 Million from HP to Improve Health through Mobile Technology – Announcement from 2010 mHealth Summit in Washington, DC. >>>Read article

In This Issue
Social Capital Market Lens
Social Capital Market News Briefs
SOCAP Updates

SOCAP Europe
SOCAP is coming to Europe for one simple reason: it is time.  Progressive impact driven investors, entrepreneurs, and multi generational families are now ready to meet at the intersection of money and meaning. SOCAP Europe will be held in Amsterdam at the location of the original stock market, the Buers Van Berlage, on May 30, 31 and June 1, 2011. >>> Learn more

 SOCAP in the news
When Having the Right People is Wrong – Kevin Jones on Social Capital – Fast Company
Doing Good Through Impact Investing – KQED Public Radio

 Working with SOCAP
If interested in doing work with the SOCAP team, please email us at info@socialcapitalmarkets.net. We’re specifically looking for the following:

  • Interns – A busy 2011 is on the horizon for SOCAP, and we’re looking for passionate, talented individuals who would like to play a variety of roles in supporting our growth. 
  • Guest bloggers – The SOCAP market needs dedicated voices to discuss current events, opportunities, and everything else that happens in the industry.  We’re looking for passionate and talented writers who would like to contribute. 

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Good Capital is an investment firm that increases the flow of capital to innovative ventures that create market-based solutions to inequality and poverty.  Good Capital manages the Social Enterprise Expansion Fund, which leverages the power of venture capital to increase the impact of social enterprises.  Our combination of growth capital and expertise acts as a catalyst that enables proven social enterprises to go to scale, amplifying their social impact and financial return. In addition, Good Capital actively leads the development of the emerging social capital market.  We share a deep commitment to the creation of a new, informed, and passionate world of investing that strategically moves more capital to good. 

For more information about Good Capital or how to get involved, please visit our website at www.goodcap.net or e-mail us at info@goodcap.net
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