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“When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.” George Washington Carver

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

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You can find other “Market with Meaning” but you definitely want to see “Profit with Purpose”.
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2010年12月8日 星期三,FYSE Weekly TidBit <hello@fyse.org> 寫道﹕

寄件人: FYSE Weekly TidBit <hello@fyse.org>
主題: 8 Dec 2010 – Hot Social Ventures & Resources
收件人: incubator.hou@gmail.com
日期: 2010年12月8日,星期三,下午5:53


Weekly newsletter highlighting social entrepreneurs and hot social ventures 

This week we are looking into social enterprises with a special focus on using mobile phones. More than half the world’s population now pay to use a mobile phone and nearly a quarter use the internet. Mobile phones are becoming ubiquitous in the developing world – almost everyone can get access to simple voice and SMS text messaging phones. With the introduction of $100 Android smartphones, real computing power is coming to mobile phones at a price point that can be affordable even for the developing world.

Ventures to Watch
Empower the poor with profitable micro-franchise business solution to deliver products and services including mobile phone services to underserved communities. So far more than 1,600 women are using the “business in a box” solution and these women entrepreneurs are serving more than 100,000 customers.  Founded by Aldi Haryopratomo and Budiman Wikarsa in 2009.

Provides mobile phone services to connect users to everything from jobs and internships to humanitarian aid and youth leadership programs. So far more than 8,000 youth and 150 employers signed up for JobMatch services and Souktel has linked hundreds of young people with work and training. Founded in 2006 by Mohammed Kilany and Lana Hijazi.  

Provides agricultural knowledge to rural farmers in Bangladesh via mobile phones and engages in capacity building of locally rooted youth entrepreneurs as farming knowledge broker. It provides farmers with timely market information, cuts out the middle men and enables the farmers to increase yields and their incomes. Founded by Faisal Islam in 2000.


  Social Entrepreneur Spotlight

Abhishek Sinha, founder of Eko

In the hinterlands of Bihar, Jharkhand and Delhi-NCR where there are no branches of any banks, the average India citizen still has access to financial services. Secure financial transactions and life insurance are now available at your neighborhood store and on your mobile. Financial services like these have been a boon to the citizens of these regions since 2007 thanks to the efforts of Abhishek Sinha. The young entrepreneur’s business venture “Eko” functions on the simple business idea of reduced cost financial services via technology. Read more

Resources & News
#m4D – the official Twitter hashtag for using mobile phones for development

Grinnell College Young Innovator for Social Justice Prize for individuals under the age of 40 who have demonstrated leadership and extraordinary accomplishment in effecting positive social change. The deadline for 2011 nominations is January 1, 2011 

2011 Tech Awards for individuals, organizations, and companies that are utilizing innovative technology solutions to address urgent issues in the areas of education, equality, environment, health, and economic development.  Nominations are accepted year-round.

 Asia Social Venture Academy May 2011, Hong Kong. Leading 5–day opportunity for young visionaries to explore their passion for social change and to work alongside leading social entrepreneurs on globally impactful innovation. Application deadline: 1st February 2011.

Quote of the Week

 “I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn’t fall down.”  Allen H. Neuharth (1924 – ), American Businessman and Author, Founder of USA Today
Best wishes,

Andrea Krause
Executive Director
Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE)


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