Fw: 14/12 Zheng Hong郑洪: Bringing quality education to underprivileged migrant Children

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2010年12月8日 星期三,Andrea (FYSE) <andrea@fyse.org> 寫道﹕

寄件人: Andrea (FYSE) <andrea@fyse.org>
主題: 14/12 Zheng Hong郑洪: Bringing quality education to underprivileged migrant Children
收件人: “Andrea (FYSE)” <andrea@fyse.org>
日期: 2010年12月8日,星期三,下午5:42

Listen to the incredible story of 痑粹, who founded the most outstanding School for migrant children, the Dandelion School, in Beijing.


In Conversation with Zheng Hong痑粹: Bringing quality education to the underprivileged migrant Children
Sponsored By: Compassion for Migrant Children (CMC)

Zheng Hong, Founder and Principal Dandelion School

Mrs. Zheng Hong, China’s first woman to earn a doctorate degree in geology, had never thought of becoming a middle school principal, let alone found a school dedicated to the children of migrant workers. However, seeing lack of educational care provided to these children because of legal restrictions, Zheng knew that something had to be done. In 2005, she opened China’s first government-approved migrant middle school, the Dandelion School, with the mission of providing a healthy, happy, and enriching environment for Beijing’s migrant children. The Dandelion School has since provided hundreds of migrant children with a junior school education as well as vocational skills training through the school’s social enterprise initiative, which sells creative gifts handcrafted by the children to bolster the school’s budget. Mrs. Zheng firmly believes that migrant children can not only overcome their hardships, but can use these experiences to become the backbone of the country’s future.


Time奀潔: Next Tuesday 14th December 2010; 7:30pm. 森棒魂雄19:30羲宎﹝

  Venue華萸: Compassion for Migrant Children Office, Room 233, 2nd Floor, Xintai Dasha, 8 Xiaguangli, Chaoyang District. 笢弊控儔庈陳栠Е牳嫖爵8瘍鼛怍湮狪2脯233弅 Map: http://tinyurl.com/2w5za74

Language 魂雄妏蚚逄晟ㄩChinese with English translation. 笢恅ㄗ⺼剒猁褫饜荎逄楹祒,

RSVP Required! ワ隙葩 Email events@fyse.org

Price 魂雄統迵煤: 50 RMB per person, PIZZA and DRINKS included. Students with valid Student ID’s 20RMB per person

Organized By: Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE) http://www fyse.org

Sponsored By: Compassion for Migrant Children (CMC)
Compassion for Migrant Children (CMC) is a nonprofit organization founded in early 2006 to help China’s urban migrant children, primarily through offering social and educational programs. We also seek to be a ‘think tank’ for all things related to migrants and migrant issues in China. We collaborate with organizations and individuals who share the common vision of giving every migrant child a future and a hope. http://www.cmc-china.org/



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