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2010年12月7日 星期二,OneWorld Health <info@iowhinfo.org> 寫道﹕

寄件人: OneWorld Health <info@iowhinfo.org>
主題: Restore a mother’s hope
收件人: incubator.hou@gmail.com
日期: 2010年12月7日,星期二,上午6:00

Institute for OneWorld Health

Dear Houghton,

ShivamFour year old Shivam was suffering from fever, chills and a cold for over a month. Frail, and weighing just 17 pounds, his family brought him to see a rural health practitioner who attempted to treat Shivam with injections and pills. To pay for the tests and treatment Shivam’s family was forced into debt, borrowing money from family and mortgaging their home.

With his symptoms showing no sign of relent, Shivam was referred to Dr. A.K.Thakur, a trained medical doctor at the Patori Satellite Clinic where OneWorld Health was sponsoring a study. After conducting lab tests, Dr. Thakur diagnosed Shivam with Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) and told the family about Paromomycin IM Injection (PMIM), the drug iOWH had developed to treat VL.

For 21 days, Shivam and his mother, Bawli endured the three mile commute, braving rain, flooding and strong winds, to reach the treatment center. When their umbrella was blown away by the wind, Bawli protected her son by covering him with her sari.

Thanks to support from generous individuals like you, we were able to save Shivam’s life. After receiving PMIM, Shivram made a full recovery, and gained sixteen pounds shortly after. The medicine developed by iOWH eradicated the devastating effects of VL and restored hope to a mother and her child.

Developing PMIM to treat VL is one of iOWH’s many accomplishments since we were founded ten years ago. In a year marked by crises global and local, we know now more than ever that we must rely on each other. As we look forward to 2011, I ask that you include OneWorld Health in your year-end giving. Your gift will help us meet the mission-critical needs of our organization and the disease programs we champion.

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Thank you in advance for sharing in our vision of a world free from needless suffering.

Richard Chin

Richard Chin, MD
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. To learn more about other ways you can donate, such as stock donations or corporate matching gifts, please visit our website.


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