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2010年12月1日 星期三,Matthew Hann <mhann@riders.org> 寫道﹕

寄件人: Matthew Hann <mhann@riders.org>
主題: Riders News – Riders for Health on Sky News on World AIDS Day – December 2010
收件人: “Riders News” <incubator.hou@gmail.com>
日期: 2010年12月1日,星期三,下午11:45

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Riders News

Riders for Health on Sky News on World AIDS Day
Today, December 1st, is World AIDS Day and Sky News and the Independent newspaper are marking the occasion by showing how Riders for Health are using motorcycles in Lesotho to reach remote villages in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

You can watch the report by Sky News by clicking here.

Watch Riders on Sky NewsThe story follows Tukula Mothonyana, a TB officer, as he steers his bike up into the mountains to visit one of his patients. People who are infected with HIV are more likely to contract tuberculosis, and it is very important they take the right course of medicines and do not miss any doses. Thanks to his bike Tukula is able to reach very remote communities and make sure they get all the advice and medication they need. The report also features Lefulesele Masokanye, a mentor mother, who uses her own experiences of being HIV positive to support other HIV positive women and help them to avoid passing the virus to their children.

The Sky News website also features a blog written by Lefulesele. She says:  ‘I wanted to help other women to do the right thing and protect their children. If all HIV positive people get information and drugs on time we could stop the transmission of HIV from mother to child.’ To read her story, click here

The work Riders for Health is doing in Lesotho is also featured in the Independent, which has been guest edited for the day by Elton John. You can read the article by clicking here  and on page five of today’s Independent.

Riders’ goal is to mobilise more health workers like Tukula and Lefulesele, across Africa. To find out more about Riders for Health or to support their work in Africa, visit www.riders.org.

Make a difference to Africa this Christmas

You can make a difference this Christmas by helping us to get health care on the road in Zimbabwe. A donation of £25 could help a health worker reach an isolated community that would otherwise have no direct access to treatment.

Malaria is a major killer of poor people across Africa. Hundreds of thousands of people in remote communities die every year simply because they cannot access simple barriers against the mosquitoes that carry the disease or the life-saving medicines to treat it.

At Riders for Health, we know these communities well. These are the areas that are hard to find, hard to reach, and even harder to live in.

Support Riders this ChristmasIn the Binga District of Zimbabwe, life expectancy is just 44 years. It’s probably no surprise to you that Binga has the highest incidence of malaria in the whole of Zimbabwe. Yet malaria is a disease that is easily prevented. But medicines and health care professionals are ineffective without the means to get them to where they are needed.

Solomon Mwembe is a health officer based in Binga. He knows the difference that Riders has made to the remote communities where he works. ‘The motorcycles have been instrumental for health coverage in the Binga District; without them I cannot imagine how we would have coped.’

Without help from Riders for Health, Solomon and his colleagues would be forced to trek many miles between communities. For health workers without reliable transport, negotiating hostile terrain and long distances is slow. And against a disease like malaria, delays mean higher death rates.

What you’ve helped us to achieve in Zimbabwe has saved lives and transformed others. At Riders we are proud of our teamwork – and this can be traced all the way back from our motorcycle technicians, to you.

Please support our work this Christmas and help us to mobilise more health workers like Solomon so they can transform lives across Africa.

Click here to make a difference today.

Visit Africa and ride with a MotoGP star

Suzuki MotoGP star, Álvaro Bautista, has confirmed that he will be joining participants on the Riders for Health Experience Africa adventure ride in Zambia in November 2011.

Not only will participants have the chance to take part in a life-changing new adventure, they will also be raising money to save lives in Africa with Riders for Health.

Alvaro BautistaRiders for Health Experience Africa is a unique motorcycle journey and lucky participants will be able to join current MotoGP star, and 2006 125cc World Champion, Álvaro Bautista in Zambia. You will also ride alongside 13-time grand prix winner, and Riders for Health co-founder, Randy Mamola.
This beautiful country offers stunning scenery, endless trails and some spectacular off-road motorcycling. But this is not just a holiday. It is a chance to make a difference. Participants will be raising money to support the work of Riders for Health and they will witness firsthand the organisation’s inspiring humanitarian work.

Looking ahead to the ride Alvaro Bautista said:
‘I am so pleased to be taking part in this amazing adventure to Zambia with Riders for Health next year. I have been a supporter of Riders for Health for a long time and I can’t wait to see the work that they are doing. The riding will be fantastic, and everyone who signs up and comes along to help raise money for Riders for Health will have an incredible time.’

As well as seeing game parks and the Victoria Falls, adventurers will see how Riders for Health is working with outreach health workers and using reliable motorcycles to reach even the most isolated villages with health care. Adventurers will visit clinics, ride with health workers and spend time in communities, seeing how thousands of lives have been transformed by motorcycles. 

There will only be a limited number of places on the Riders for Health Experience Africa which will take place in November 2011. Details of the ride will be released soon. To make sure you are the first to know, email experienceafrica@riders.org or visit http://www.riders.org/experienceafrica.aspx to register your interest.   

Get ready for Christmas with Riders for Health

Do you want to send something meaningful to your family and friends this Christmas? By giving one of Riders’ Christmas gifts or by buying a pack of Riders for Health Christmas cards you will be making a real difference to families living across rural Africa.

And what’s more, if you spend £20 or more on our online shop before Christmas, we will send you a Riders for Health helmet bag, completely FREE!

Get ready for Christmas with Riders for HealthJust £10 will provide enough fuel for a health worker for two weeks so that they can cover hundreds of kilometres delivering vital health care to their communities. Make sure that heath workers are safe on the roads by donating £30 for the cost of a helmet. Or, for £55, you can help to train a brand new health worker how to ride a motorcycle safely so they can reach remote villages without walking, transforming their lives.

To order your gift donation today, click here.

We also have a selection of Christmas cards including two brand new designs for you to send, as well as the popular designs from last year. Packs of Christmas cards start at just £2.50 for a pack of six cards and 100% of the profit from all of the cards goes directly to support our work in Africa.

To order your Christmas cards today, click here.

Watch Andrea Coleman at TEDx event

In September Andrea Coleman used her speech at the TEDxLondon event at the Science Museum to focus on the need for reliable transportation in African health systems. She reminded people that despite a focus on new technologies, including mobile technology and satellite communications, there will always be a need for patients to see health workers. Riders for Health’s practical solution to running vehicles in rural communities in Africa is already helping health workers reach millions more people in isolated villages.

You can now watch Andrea’s speech at the TEDx event by clicking here.

Watch Andrea at TEDxDuring September, leaders from across the world met in New York to assess the progress that has been made towards the Millennium Development Goals. As part of this summit, the organisers of the TEDx series of lectures and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation held a series of talks in cities across the world at the same time. The event included a live satellite link with New York featuring a talk given by Melinda Gates.

Riders’ CEO and co-founder, Andrea Coleman, was one of three speakers at the London event held in the IMAX cinema at the Science Museum.

Andrea spoke about how visits to Africa 20 years ago, and seeing women being taken to hospital in wheelbarrows, led her and Barry Coleman to establish Riders for Health.

The sight of people going without health care, while motorcycles lay broken and rusting simply because no one knew how to look after them, inspired them to challenge the status quo and come up with a solution. Riders for Health now manage over 1,400 vehicles in seven countries across Africa.

By providing health workers with reliable transport Riders for Health are helping the delivery of health care to isolated communities.

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