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2010年11月23日 星期二,Social Ventures Australia <info@socialventures.com.au> 寫道﹕

寄件人: Social Ventures Australia <info@socialventures.com.au>
主題: SVA Annual Review
收件人: “incubator.hou@gmail.com” <incubator.hou@gmail.com>
日期: 2010年11月23日,星期二,下午1:27

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Social Ventures Australia

2009-2010 Annual Review

Dear Houghton

At Social Ventures Australia (SVA) we work hard to support innovative, high potential non-profit organisations that are attacking the issues behind social disadvantage in Australia. We are steadfast in our belief that in a country as wealthy as Australia, every young person should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential – regardless of the circumstances in which they were born.

SVA is more determined than ever to invest in the social change necessary to achieve this outcome for all young Australians. And it is this determination that has driven our work over the 2009/10 period as well as guided our thinking as we embarked on the development of a long-term road map for SVA’s future. A road map that will take full advantage of our skills, networks and growing practical experience to achieve the transformational social change that is truly necessary to break down the pockets of entrenched, intergenerational social disadvantage that exist in Australia today.

I invite you to read more in our 2009-10 Annual Review as we highlight some of our key achievements for the period, as well as explain our plans for the future. Plans that are centred around three core themes:

– lifting education and employment participation levels as the most effective foundation for achieving sustainable, broad based and breakthrough change in disadvantaged communities;
– using our ability to engage as a catalyst and enabler, in partnership with outstanding ventures and leading practitioners and funders across all sectors, to achieve social change;
– addressing the major bottlenecks that currently exist in the sector around capital, people and knowledge, that are preventing the achievement of social change.

Practically this shift will mean changes in a number of areas across SVA, including an expansion to the number of employment and education based initiatives that we work with. We will be introducing different tiers of support, enabling us to work with a broader range of organisations and better tailor support to the needs of individual partners. And in addition to this one-on-one work, we will also be working with a range of partners on a number of projects around particular sector change initiatives in our focus areas of education and employment.

What is not changing is our commitment to rigorously track progress of the non-profit partners and projects we work with, explicitly tying support to performance and ensuring all our funding partners continue to share a sense of what’s possible and what’s being achieved as a direct consequence of their ongoing support. With this in mind, I am delighted to also include reports for the following partners who report on a financial basis:

Fair Business [PDF File size: 455KB]
Home Hospice [PDF File size: 541KB]
SchoolAid [PDF File size: 451KB]
Youngcare [PDF File size: 385KB]

There is no better way to demonstrate the value of our work than through the success of our non-profit partners and I’m sure you will join me in congratulating these innovators on the contribution they are making to social change.

Thank you for your interest and for sharing our desire for a better Australia.


Michael Traill Signature

Michael Traill AM
Chief Executive

Annual Review
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