Fw: Acton News & Commentary — 27 October 2010

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2010年10月28日 星期四,Acton Institute <commentary@acton.org> 寫道﹕

寄件人: Acton Institute <commentary@acton.org>
主題: Acton News & Commentary — 27 October 2010
收件人: incubator.hou@gmail.com
日期: 2010年10月28日,星期四,上午12:17

27 October 2010

Acton Commentary

Barack von Bismarck by Anthony B. Bradley

Otto von Bismarck, the 19th century German chancellor who launched the welfare state, would find much familiar in the policies of the Obama administration. “In a Bismarckian world, only government can set the national economy right,” says Anthony Bradley. Will the “omnicompetent” state march on?  Read more »

Juan Williams’ Firing Might Produce Desired Results by Bruce Edward Walker

National Public Radio’s firing of newsman Juan Williams was not only an egregious act of political correctness, but more seriously an affront to the human dignity of a well respected analyst. Will this cost NPR its government subsidy?  Read more »

Now @ Acton

Video: Rev. Robert Sirico’s riskiest investment ever

One of the interesting things at the Acton Institute is that the brother of Acton Institute co-founder and president Rev. Robert A. Sirico is an actor.  A pretty famous actor, actually.  Father Sirico’s brother Tony is, in fact, Paulie Walnuts from The Sopranos.

Now, if you know anything about Paulie Walnuts, you know that he’s a pretty tough character: a gangster with few scruples about engaging in all manner of violence and mayhem and who regularly curses a blue streak.  And if you know anything about Tony Sirico, you know that-as his younger brother Robert has said on a few occasions-he doesn’t have to act much to play the roles that he has played.  So you can imagine that there was a touch of anxiety from certain quarters here at Acton when it was learned that Tony had been invited to introduce his brother’s keynote address at the 20th Anniversary Dinner that was held last Thursday at the JW Marriott Hotel here in Grand Rapids.

Well, we’re pleased to report that Tony successfully restrained his “French” in his introduction of his brother – “a real priest.” Watch the video at Acton’s PowerBlog.

United States top 50 Catholic high schools announced



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