Global Impact Investing Ratings System (GIIRS) North American Pioneer Funds Announced at SOCAP 10

The Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS) is proud to announce the twelve North American Pioneer Funds at SOCAP 10, the largest interdisciplinary gathering of individuals and institutions at the intersection of money and meaning.  
is a ratings agency that provides social and environmental impact
ratings for companies and funds seeking to raise capital from impact
investors. GIIRS stands for the Global Impact Investing Rating System.
The twelve leading North American impact investing funds named as GIIRS
Pioneer Funds at SOCAP 10 join thirteen leading emerging market funds
named at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in April.
 Collectively, the 25 GIIRS Pioneer fund managers represent $1.2b in
assets under management and have investments in more than 200 high
impact companies in over 30 countries.

Pioneer Funds will be the first funds to receive GIIRS ratings,
creating a global population of GIIRS-rated funds that, for the first
time, will give institutional investors the rigorous, comparable,
independently-assured metrics they need to channel more capital into the
emerging asset class of impact investments.  GIIRS was created by the
non-profit B Lab.

committing to a rigorous third party impact rating, these funds
solidify their position as leaders in the emerging asset class of impact
investing.”  says GIIRS Managing Director and B Lab co-founder Andrew
Kassoy.  “The Pioneer funds are raising the bar, challenging other
would-be impact investment funds to join them in differentiating those
funds making a measurable impact from those simply telling a nice

American GIIRS Pioneer funds include City Light, Capital Core
Innovation Capital, Equilibrium Capital, Good Capital, Mindful
Investors, Murex Investments, Renewal Partners, RSF Social Finance,
Satori Capital, SJF Ventures, SustainVC, and TBL Capital.  A description
of each of these innovative fund managers is attached.

Fund Ratings are determined based on a roll-up of the ratings of each
of the companies in a fund’s underlying investment portfolio. A beta
version of GIIRS will be launched with the GIIRS Pioneer Funds starting
in January 2011.  GIIRS plans a public launch for Q2 2011. GIIRS builds
on the B Impact Ratings System, the ratings system that the nonprofit B
Lab developed to certify B Corporations and which has been used  by over
6,000 companies to date.  

has received significant investment and philanthropic capital from
Prudential Financial, Deloitte, the United States Agency for
International Development (USAID), and the Rockefeller Foundation. GIIRS
is the exclusive impact ratings partner for Investors’ Circle and is
supported by other leading impact investing intermediaries such as
Toniic, Mission Markets, the GIIN, and IRIS.

* * *
About GIIRS and B Lab
is a ratings agency that provides social and environmental impact
ratings for companies and funds seeking to raise capital from impact
investors. GIIRS stands for the Global Impact Investing Rating System.
GIIRS gives institutional investors for the first time the rigorous,
comparable, third party metrics they need to channel more capital into
the emerging asset class of impact investments.  GIIRS is a project of
the nonprofit B Lab.

Lab is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the power of
business to solve social and environmental problems.  B Lab drives
systemic change through three interrelated initiatives: 1) building a
community of Certified B Corporations to make it easier for all of us to
tell the difference between “good companies” and just good marketing;
2) accelerating the growth of the impact investing asset class through
use of B Lab’s GIIRS impact rating system by institutional investors;
and 3) promoting supportive public policies, including legislation
creating a new corporate form and tax, procurement, and investment
incentives for sustainable business.

Full List of North American Pioneer Funds

Light Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in early stage
companies which provide not only strong financial returns, but also
positive contributions to our world. City Light invests in early stage
businesses in the US that create solutions in Safety and Security,
Education and Media, and Energy and the Environment.

Innovation Capital invests in the most innovative companies serving
underbanked consumers in America. They focus scalable, technology-driven
solutions delivering the highest value to underbanked people.

Capital Group is an investment management firm that is building a
portfolio of asset management companies, each charged with executing a
unique investment strategy in one of our key sectors: green built
environment; land and natural resource management; agriculture; energy;
and water.

Capital is an investment firm that accelerates the flow of capital to
innovative ventures and initiatives that harness the power of the market
to create sustainable solutions to some of society’s most challenging
problems. In addition, Good Capital is committed to collaborating with
peers, contributing thought leadership, sharing their experiences, and
creating innovative products and processes that enables the market for
socially minded capital to flourish.

Investors is an investment partnership focused exclusively on
opportunities in the rapidly growing natural and organic consumer
products market. Mindful Investors’ mission is to invest in sustainable
companies which positively impact our health and the health of our

Investments invests venture capital in high-impact, early-stage
software and technology companies. Their experience and interest is
primarily in financial mobility, learning technology and energy
efficiency, sectors that they believe to have unique transformational
potential and integral broad benefits to society.

invests in companies that apply for financing through Investors’
Circle, an association of accredited investors who provide “Patient
Capital for a Sustainable Future.” Capital for SustainVC’s funds is
provided by high net worth individuals, many of whom are successful
business entrepreneurs and are leaders in the field of sustainability.

is a social venture fund dedicated to delivering financial returns by
investing in some of North America’s leading environmental and social
mission businesses. Renewal2’s focus sectors include organic &
natural foods, green consumer products and green building products.

Mezzanine Fund is the only mezzanine fund designed specifically for
companies with high social impact. The RSF Mezzanine Fund provides
capital to help an enterprise achieve growth through a mix of debt,
warrants, royalty streams, fee notes, and/or convertible notes.

Capital is a preferred capital partner for companies that are building
significant long-term value through a sustainable approach. The firm
makes majority investments in companies with $3m to $15m of EBITDA,
across six sectors:  Consumer, Financial Services, Manufacturing,
Business Services, Mature Tech, and Retail (e-commerce).  They partner
with talented management teams to accelerate the growth of companies
that are “built to last” and meet a set of criteria they describe as
sustainability. These businesses deliver strong returns by operating
with a long-term perspective, committing to their mission or purpose,
and focusing on creating value for all stakeholders.

Ventures is a venture capital partnership which provides equity
financings to companies seeking expansion capital. SJF Ventures focuses
on the cleantech, business and Web-enhanced services, and premium
consumer products sectors. Representative investment areas include
renewable energy and efficiency, recycling, grid and infrastructure
technologies, organic and healthy consumer products, digital media and
marketing services, and outsourced business services.

Capital has developed an intentional, patient capital venture fund
focused on the needs of the entrepreneur while aligning our investments
with triple-bottom-line companies. TBL provides growth capital to
 companies in the consumer products, service providers, software, clean
technology, green building, health and wellness, and retail sectors.



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