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2010年10月19日 星期二,The Young Foundation <director@youngfoundation.org> 寫道﹕

寄件人: The Young Foundation <director@youngfoundation.org>
主題: Autumn Update from the Young Foundation
收件人: “Houghton Wan” <incubator.hou@gmail.com>
日期: 2010年10月19日,星期二,上午12:49

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October 2010
Communities update
From the Chief Executive
Some expected that the term “big society” wouldn’t survive the summer. The idea was ridiculed as vacuous; damned as a cynical cover for public spending cuts and disparaged by Tory MPs as a disaster on the doorstep. Disproportionately big cuts to public funding for voluntary organisations haven’t helped. Yet, for all that, at least for now, the Big Society looks set to stay.

  Our work in communities – setting up websites, carrying out ethnographic research, involving communities and frontline workers in redesigning services – shows that people like the concept of self-government. And massive cuts in public spending make shifts in responsibility unavoidable.  That’s why we’ve tried to take a constructive approach. Our short pamphlet on the Big Society sets out many practical examples of the kind of work that could be grown, as well as recommendations to government; its aim is to provide a blueprint for how the Big Society could be more than just a slogan.   We were glad that David Cameron backed one of our new initiatives – the Citizens’ University – in his key party conference speech in October, and we’re proud that so many of our ventures and social enterprises are thriving even in a very difficult climate.  Others are moving quickly into pilots and pathfinders, including a new organisation to promote resilience, Mydex (offering a new way of managing personal data) and I Do Ideas (a radical approach to youth-led grant-making).

  Our new Community Action Toolkit (an online compilation of  over 4 years of work with dozens of local authorities and communities) aims to help those who are on the frontline of the Big Society – councillors, community activist, residents’ associations.  Meanwhile, with a groups of partners in three continents, the Future Communities programme is drawing lessons from the failed urban developments of the past to help planners and developers get things right this time. The Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) goes from strength to strength with a successful summer school held in Singapore in September and following the launch of the European Union’s ‘Innovation Union’ strategy which took on many of the recommendations made by SIX.  Meanwhile across the Atlantic we published our first reports in the US, jointly with the Center for American Progress, focusing primarily on how governments could innovate more effectively. 

  In this update we focus mainly on our work with communities, and how people can be helped to work with each other, rather than only having things done to them or for them.This has been a primary concern for us ever since the launch of the Institute for Community Studies in the 1950s.  Today these questions seem to be on the public agenda as never before.

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