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主題: Skoll Foundation Latest News: ‘Freeing the Social Entrepreneur’, Response to Pakistan Floods and more
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skoll foundation latest news

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highlightResponse to Pakistan Floods
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Dear Skoll Newsletter Subscriber,

We’ve posted the following stories to the Skoll Foundation Blog over the last two weeks:

“Freeing the Social Entrepreneur” in the Fall 2010 Issue of SSIR
Skoll Foundation Program Office Kimberly Dasher Tripp and Teach for America-Bay Area Managing Director Chantal Laurie Below, co-authored a piece in the Fall 2010 issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review titled “Freeing the Social Entrepreneur”. It’s a roadmap for social entrepreneurs who are building their leadership teams at that critical time between running a startup and positioning their organizations for long-term growth and scalable impact. Tripp and Below spoke with dozens of social sector leaders to identify the most important steps that social entrepreneurs must take to build a team and the five leadership roles that an organization must have for it to be successful at this stage of its development: the evangelist, scaling partner, connector, program strategist, and realist. Tripp and Below conclude: “When social entrepreneurs stop thinking of leadership positions as simply a solution to an immediate problem, and begin to create roles and hire talent with the same vision and foresight that they use to perfect their idea and mission, scale becomes a natural progression rather than an elusive goal.”

Citizen Schools Integral to New Oakland District Program
Two schools in an East Oakland, California school district are extending their day by three hours, hoping to boost the test scores of the sixth grade students attending the poor performing schools. As noted in a recent San Francisco Chronicle, Citizen Schools, headed by Skoll social entrepreneur Eric Schwarz, is integral to the success of the program. Citizen Schools will provide the additional three hours of academics, hands-on activities, and apprenticeships with local professionals, at the end of the traditional school day.  It’s a “creative redesign of the school day,” said Joe Ross, executive director of Citizen Schools California. “You can think of it as a second shift of educators.”

Fundacion Paraguaya Model Featured in HuffingtonPost
Skoll social entrepreneur Martin Burt founded Fundacion Paraguaya in 1985 as a micro-lending affiliate of ACCION International and has since built it into an extremely successful microfinance organization. Elisabeth Rhyne, Managing Director for the Center for Financial Inclusion, recently profiled Martin and the work of Fundacion Paraguaya on the HuffingtonPost. In the piece, Elisabeth writes about Martin’s most recent efforts to structure microfinance to be more effective at eliminating poverty. The new approach involves looking at 50 indicators that together measure a family’s quality of life…and involving the family itself, and the broader community, in the measurement. It’s a fascinating approach and one we’ll be watching closely.

The Elders Urge the World to Respond to Pakistan Floods More Quickly; Skoll Foundation Provides Emergency Grants to Organizations Working In Flood Zones
The Elders released a statement on August 19th calling on governments and individuals to respond more quickly and generously to help the millions of people whose lives and livelihoods have been shattered by the floods. The announcement was made shortly after the United Nations launched a $460 million emergency appeal.

The Elders are an independent group of eminent global leaders who offer their collective influence and experience to support peace building, help address major causes of human suffering, and promote the shared interests of humanity. Several of The Elders commented on the dire situation in Pakistan, including Desmond Tutu and Kofi Annan. You can read those statements here. Jeff Skoll and Sally Osberg, CEO of the Skoll Foundation, serve as members of the Elders Advisory Board.  

The Skoll Foundation announced that it had provided emergency grants to five organizations working in the flood zones in Pakistan, three organizations headed by Skoll social entrepreneurs – the Afghan Institute of Learning, Kashf Foundation, and Institute for Development Studies and Practices, and two additional partner organizations — Ashoka and Relief International. Please go to any of these sites to contribute to the relief efforts in which these organizations are engaged.


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