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“When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.” George Washington Carver

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2010年9月9日 星期四,FYSE Weekly TidBit <hello@fyse.org> 寫道﹕

寄件人: FYSE Weekly TidBit <hello@fyse.org>
主題: 9 September 2010 – Hot Social Ventures & Resources
收件人: incubator.hou@gmail.com
日期: 2010年9月9日,星期四,下午5:57


Weekly newsletter highlighting social entrepreneurs and hot social ventures 

This week’s highlights social ventures in Fair Trade. On the 18th September we will host our next Beijing Social Innovation MeetUp on the topic of Fair Trade and we found a number of high potential social ventures supporting disadvantaged communities through Fair trade products. Here a small selection:

Ventures to Watch

Sahra, Alia and Safi Malik have started Shangrila farms to help Yunnan farmers make a living growing coffee and raising bees. Alia explains. “I wanted to help people by creating sustainable income sources.”

In some of the most remote and poor areas in Pakistan artists create beautiful handmade crafts. Cultural Classics economically empowers through training and by developing a shard brand.                      

KeoK’jay is a fair trade social enterprise dedicated to providing jobs for and empowering women with HIV in Phnom Penh through the production of uniquely designed, environmentally friendly clothings.


  Social Entrepreneur Spotlight

Nathan Zhang 

“If you can help one woman, you can help an entire family,” says Nathan Zhang, who returned to China after 10 years in Canada to get involved in social development work. With his passion to support women in impoverished areas throughout rural China, he founded “Brand Nü”, a Beijing charity shop which sells a wide variety of Chinese handicrafts, as well as books, folk art, clothing and collectibles.   Watch interview

Resources & News
Online course in Social Entrepreneurship for Indian social Changemakers: So far, 400 students, mostly heads of NGOs and social enterprises, have passed out from this institution. This course costs `5,000

September Beijing Social Innovation MeetUp – Topic: Fair Trade, Speaker Nathan Zhang (BrandNu) + Liu Jianhang (Hand Affection), Saturday September 18, 2010 / 2PM 

Podcast Promoting Fair Trade as Social Entrepreneurship with Paul Rice, CEO of TransFair USA

12 great podcast channels for social Entrepreneurs – your daily dose of knowledge, inspiration and information
  Quote of the Week
“Entrepreneurship is a game of risks versus rewards. It’s you against the world, with the odds in the world’s favor. It’s exciting, frightening, frustrating and fulfilling — sometimes all in the same day. In an increasingly paternalistic civilization, it is one of the few remaining endeavors where a small group, banding together in common cause, can apply their skill, savvy, guts and determination to changing the world, and see it happen. For those who are up to it, it’s the only game there is.”  – Peter H. Schmidt (Co-Founder, Lifting Mind)

Best wishes,

Andrea Krause
Founder & Executive Director
Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE)


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