Fw: 26 August 2010 – Hot Social Ventures & Resources

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“When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.” George Washington Carver

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Statement of Faith
You can find other “Market with Meaning” but you definitely want to see “Profit with Purpose”.
I personally “Believe in Kingdom Transformation” because I know there is only ONE “Life for Significant”.

2010年8月26日 星期四,FYSE Weekly TidBit <hello@fyse.org> 寫道﹕

寄件人: FYSE Weekly TidBit <hello@fyse.org>
主題: 26 August 2010 – Hot Social Ventures & Resources
收件人: incubator.hou@gmail.com
日期: 2010年8月26日,星期四,下午2:14


Weekly newsletter highlighting social entrepreneurs and hot social ventures. 

This week’s focus is on the beauty and power for social change of candles. Most girls love them and they always make a great present, but did you know that candlemaking is so easy that is provides a great way to economically empower disadvantaged communities? 

Ventures to Watch

Empowers women rebuilding their lives in places of conflict and distress. Today Iraqi women entrepreneurs are being trained in candle making and creating businesses that will help them not only survive, but truly thrive.

Filt “waste oil” candles from Japan combine useful recycling with nice packaging to make a product that looks good, smells good, burns well, and is made almost entirely with recycled waste literally within reach of the creators.                     

Candles By Moms, set up 2007 in Singapore to equip needy women with skills for home-based employment, has grown into WeWorkz, a Womens’ Cooperative which empowers women with skills to supplement their household income.


  Social Entrepreneur Spotlight

Angella Cheng                                                                                                                        A single mother herself, founder Angella Cheng set up ChaCha Cottage in Singapore to help women like herself: “I was once a single mum, and my journey as a single mum to a life of blessings, and wanting to move on from success to significance, spurred me to start this cottage industry.” Read more

Resources & News
Social Innovation China: New social network for social entrepreneurship and innovation

Updated list: Chinese Social Entrepreneurs & enterprises on Twitter

Apply now! Atlas Corps – accepting applications for rising social leaders in Asia and around the world
  Quote of the Week
“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching” – Mooieo


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