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Dear Houghton Wan

Welcome to this month’s news from YouGen. Read on for:

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Feed-in tariff confusion continues – have you been hit?

For most people who received an LCBP grant since 15 July 2009, the transfer to feed-in tariffs has been reasonably simple, if a bit slow. But a few unlucky people are still waiting to find out whether they have to pay their grant back to be eligible.

npower is interpreting the rules to mean that those who were awarded a domestic grant before the scheme closed in March 2010, but whose system was commissioned after 1 April 2010 must pay their grant back (see the comments on this blog). I’m interested to know if this is just npower, or whether other energy companies are interpreting it this way too. Please get in touch if you’re affected.

Schools, charities and community groups are still waiting for the minister to decide whether or not the EU state aid rules allow them to keep their LCBP phase 2 grants.

Early adopters (who installed pre 15 July 2009) are still waiting to hear if the Conservatives will fulfil their promise to pay them the full feed-in tariff rate. At least they haven’t ruled it out.



Photo by Kevin Dooley

Greg Barker attempts to make insulation sexy, with the Green Deal

At last we have more idea of the government’s plans for helping people to make their house more energy efficient. It’s called the Green Deal, and means we’ll all be able to borrow up to £6,500 to insulate, and make other improvements to the energy efficiency of our house – whether or not we own it. The money will be paid back through reductions in energy bills over 25 years. Click the link for full details of the green deal so far.

We’re pretty disappointed that microgeneration isn’t included “because it’s supported by the feed-in tariff”. But the feed-in tariff doesn’t help with the up-front capital costs of installing solar panels or a wind turbine, so help is still needed. We’re a bit worried about that the scheme will be monopolised by big national retailers Tesco, M&S and B&Q. What would be your preference: a local specialist or one of the big boys? Please vote here.



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Check out our new Facebook page and, if you’re keen on what you see, ‘like’ us! We plan to use our Facebook page to encourage debate and discussion across the network, starting with our Green Deal poll.

Which would you trust most to advise on and install energy efficiency or renewables in your house? Please let us know: vote in the YouGen poll, comment on the blog or on Facebook. We’d really like to know what you think, and will use it to inform our feedback to DECC. 





Best of the blogs

Are your Solar PV panels generating less than expected in this hot weather? Chris Rudge explains why. 

We took a look a new system that delivers solar water heating at a lower cost and with quicker installation.  

As part of YouGen series on how to avoid cowboys in the renewable energy series, Paul Hutchens gives you six tips to avoid cowboy installers and get a quality quote for your solar thermal installation.

If you live in Scotland, and are considering installing renewable energy, you’d better acted quick – the Scottish homes renewable grant will close on Friday the 23 July.

If you want to be inspired, we’ve got two great stories for you. The Isle of Eigg is a worthy winner of this year’s UK Ashden Award. And Branscombe village hall committee must have had heroic levels of determination to overcome all the difficulties in their impressive eco-renovation.








Tip of the month

With the sun shining across the country, I am sure that a number of you are considering harnessing its power with solar panels. Before you do, take  Brian’s advice.

“Be sure to get several quotes. Some national companies were a joke: ignorance of product, high pressure sales tactics. Chose a local firm in the end.”

Use the Find it search tool on YouGen to locate a local recommended supplier. And pick up some good tips on how to avoid solar cowboys by watching our video on YouTube or reading one our series expert blogs on the topic.

Got a top tip? Let others learn from your experiences – no need to reinvent the wheel! Set up a profile on YouGen and share your tips with the community.



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