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主題: A Healthy Dose – Spring 2010

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A Healthy Dose

Shivam’s Road to Recovery

Shivam's Road to Recovery40-year old Harendra Giri lives with his wife, Bawli Devi, their seven children and his 74-year old mother in the village of Supaul, 5 km west of Patori. They live off a monthly income of INR 2500 (approximately $56 US) on a small piece of land owned by the family. The land is not profitable, so Harendra and his family sell clothes on their bicycle in nearby villages. The eldest child, aged 20, was married at 13 and has a 2-year old child. The youngest child of the family is Shivam, a 4-year old boy who has suffered from visceral leishmaniasis (VL, Kala Azar) for 2 years. More >


Ayesha’s Affordable Treatment

Ayesha's Affordable TreatmentAyesha Khatoon, is a mother of 4 children living with her husband and parents in Bajidpur chowk Usman village. Her husband, a low income migrant painter does not have a steady income.

Ayesha became sick. She felt breathless and feverish, had a burning sensation in her stomach, and became sensitive to heat. She was unable to take care of her four children and had to rely on her father to take care of them. “I first saw a local doctor who charged 500 R. I relentlessly vomited and didn’t respond to medicine given by the local doctor,” said Ayesha. More >


A Message from Our CEO

One of my greatest pleasures and pride as leader of iOWH, is knowing that we have such an extraordinary team of professionals. I am extremely honored to work with the dedicated staff in both San Francisco and India. The mission to provide accessible and affordable medicines to those who need it the most is long, tedious and often fraught with bumps in the road. Generally it takes 10 years to develop a medicine and bring it to market. At iOWH, we are fortunate that we have strong partnerships in the pharmaceutical industries that enable us to maintain our momentum as we close in on treatments for the diseases that kill so many people each day. The staff at iOWH is committed and loyal. More >


Who’s Who at iOWH?

Tue Huu Nguyen

What is your role at iOWH?
Vice President Research and Preclinical Development, Project Team Leader Diarrheal Disease Program (DDP), and Project Team Leader, Artemisinin Project. More >

Heather Kelly

What is your role at iOWH?
I work on both access and clinical projects. Currently I am helping to manage study start-up activities on the clinical trial for PMIM in Mymensingh, Bangladesh, and preparing an access study that will focus on community-level referral systems around VL diagnosis, also in Mymensingh. More >

Raj Singh, Program Director, India

What is your role at iOWH and what is your typical day like?
As the Program Director, I lead the iOWH team at the liaison field office in Patna, Bihar, and provide strategic direction for implementation of different programs including the Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) and Helminthiasis program. More >


Kenneth Cole Event

iOWH teamed up with Kenneth Cole for a charity shopping event at their San Francisco flagship store on December 20, 2009.  Guests sipped on wine and mingled with iOWH and Kenneth Cole employees.  More >


World Water Day 2010

World Water Day
“In many parts of the world, people take for granted the ability to turn on a tap for safe and clean water to drink, to cook, to wash. Yet, each year more than 1 billion people around the world have little choice but to resort to using potentially harmful sources of water,” according to Shaye Stamatis, Associate Director of Project Management and Quality, iOWH. More >


World Malaria Day 2010

World Malaria DayBy the time you read this message, somewhere in the world, one child has died from malaria.

April 25th marked World Malaria Day which recognizes the global effort to reduce the impact of this preventable and treatable disease.  About half of the world’s population is at risk for malaria, particularly those in lower income countries. More >


Aid from the United Kingdom

Aid from UKiOWH received a grant from the Department for International Development (DFID) in the United Kingdom (UK) to help develop safe, effective and affordable new medicines for people with infectious diseases. This funding was announced Thursday April 1, 2010, by the UK International Development Minister, Mike Foster. More >


Flip for Good

Flip for Good

Our sincere thanks to Flip Video’s Flip for Good program. For every iOWH Flip video camera that is purchased, iOWH receives $10. More >


iOWH to Help Eliminate Neglected Disease in Bangladesh and Nepal

iOWH is in the process of instituting a new program in Nepal and Bangladesh through a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  This program will support the goal of the Governments of Nepal and Bangladesh to eliminate VL, which is part of the effort to achieve regional elimination of VL in South Asia (India, Nepal and Bangladesh) by 2015. More >


OneWorld Health Charm by Pandora

A stylish and generous way to show your support for iOWH – the iOWH charm is offered by Pandora. Your purchase will benefit efforts to treat and eliminate neglected diseases worldwide. More >


91,000 Individuals Screened for Study

91,000 Individuals Screened for StudyWe are pleased to announce the publication of two manuscripts on visceral leishmaniasis in India, recently published in Tropical Medicine and International Health (subscription required). The publications are based on field research led by Dr. Pradeep Das, Director of Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences (RMRI) and Rhonda Sarnoff, Dr.PH, Director of Monitoring, Evaluation and Field Research at iOWH. More >

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