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主題: BiD Network Newsletter June 2010
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BiD Newsletter: June 23, 2010
Overview of the Investment Market Place “Growing SMEs: It’s Time to Invest” at the Fokker Terminal, The Hague on June 2nd, 2010
Investment Market Place


Growing SME’s: It’s time to invest

On June 2, 2010, the  Investment Market Place “Growing SMEs; It’s time to invest” took place in The Hague. The day focused on connecting investors to entrepreneurs heading up small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries, information on various forms of entrepreneurship development and promotion of networks.

Princess Máxima
The event counted with the presence of Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, who gave a speech in her capacity of “Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development” for the Secretary-General of the United Nations. She stressed the importance of removing financial barriers for entrepreneurs.
The princess visited the Market Place, where 60 entrepreneurs from 18 countries presented their activities. She also spoke with investors and followed two pitches between an entrepreneur and a potential investor.
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Appointments Cily Keizer, Director
Cily Keizer has been appointed Director as of June 1st.
She will jointly manage the Foundation  with Thierry Sanders, founder and director.

The foundation’s Supervisory Board decided unanimously on the selection. Keizer, 54, was general director at Wemos, a Dutch Development Foundation that works in the health sector. Prior to that, she worked for SNV Netherlands Development Organisations for over 17 years, holding different director, managerial and advisory positions.

Stijn Albregts, chairman of the Supervisory  Board, said that  the decision was made based on Keizer’s wide range of international experience in Asia, Africa and Latin America, as well as extensive management experience in running multi-sector development programs that have strong capacity building and advocacy components.
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BiD Network Week 2010 41 entrepreneurs from 17 countries were invited to attend the BiD Network week 2010, from May 28 till June 5th in The Hague. A large, international group of people from three continents, with very diverse business plans, varying from female taxis to coconut derived eco-products. The plans were of high quality and submitted by very motivated people.
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Women in Leadership For women-led SMEs, the barriers are professional AND personal. The Philippines a role model

During the first week in June, the finalists for the various BiD Network Challenges congregated in Amsterdam for a week of trainings and appointments with investors, culminating in the Investment Market Place on June 2nd. As part of the week’s activities, women entrepreneurs, including the finalists for the Women in Business Competition powered by ING and ICCO, participated in a workshop on Women in Leadership. This session included presentations by Jacqui Robertson, Head of ING Global Diversity and Amita Ramnarain, founder and director of home care bureau SPV, and Ethnic Business Woman of the Year.
Check the most interesting findings of the workshop.

Business Plan Competition Dutch Business Without Borders

Are you a Dutch entrepreneur with ambitions in Africa, Asia or Latin America?
Enter the business plan competition Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen. This competition challenges you to write a business plan that succeeds in making a profitable as well as sustainable business in these regions.
You need to submit your proposal before July 1st.
For more information click here

July 2: SharePeople Millennium Development Goals Event

How is social entrepreneurship contributing to a better world? How can working with them benefit you and your company? Find out and meet social entrepreneurs from developing countries!

What is the status in the world on issues like poverty, hunger, women’s rights and the environment? What can social entrepreneurs and companies do about these issues and what is their impact? How can companies and professionals benefit from working with social entrepreneurs in developing countries? Learn all about it on the SharePeople Millennium Development Goals Event on July 2nd, 2010!

The MDG Event is organized in cooperation with NCDO and de Baak and is part of the SharePeople Experience Week.

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BiD NETWORK FOUNDATION T: +31 (0)20 7555 000 E: info@bidnetwork.org   BiD Network sources and selects business plans of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets. BiD Network offers tools, contacts and coaching to the best entrepreneurs, paving the way for them to access finance and start their business. BiD Network actively seeks investors for the best SMEs, focusing on SMEs with a financing need of $10,000 to $1 million. BiD Network is a Netherlands based foundation with partners in 10 emerging markets.

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