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2010年6月23日 星期三,ClearlySo <newsletter@clearlyso.com> 寫道﹕

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主題: News from ClearlySo
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日期: 2010年6月23日,星期三,下午3:25

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ClearlySo newsletter June 2010

Keeping you informed about the social business and enterprise sector, and ClearlySo’s progress.

Dear Houghton,

  This week in no particular order:

  • Roll up, roll up for the ClearlySo Social Business Conference 
  • More investment speed dating
  • Featured ClearlySo member
  • What’s been happening in the world of social enterprise?

Read on and enjoy!

Tom and the ClearlySo team

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ClearlySo Social Business Conference
SBC conference 2009The countdown has begun for the fifth ClearlySo Social Business Conference.

Held at LSO, St Luke’s, Old Street, London, this will bring together hundreds of people with an interest in social enterprise.

After a successful event last year, we are once again focusing on providing practical help to social entrepreneurs. With this year’s theme, ‘Back to Basics – getting the fundamentals right’, the conference will be full of ideas to help you get the most out of your business. Among the topics under discussion will be: general financial advice, branding and marketing, securing investment and much more.

As well as a huge variety of social entrepreneurs the event will be a great place to meet interested investors, network and discuss the most pressing issues of the day. With an early bird discount of 40% available, now is the perfect time to sign up.

Upcoming social investment speed dating
Speed dating 4The next social investment speed dating event is nearly upon us. Scheduled for 8th July, this will be a fantastic opportunity for social entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to a selection of interested investors.

The thought of pitching can be intimidating, but there is no better way to raise your business’ profile, network and secure investment.

Interested? Then why not sign up and see how you and your business can benefit?

Best of the blogs
It’s been another busy couple of weeks on our social business blog. Here’s what’s been happening this month.

  • Should an ethical fund invest in BP?
  • Learn a new language and save the world at the same time – a fantastic new enterprise courtesy of our friends in Germany
  • Is this the end for big bad business?
  • Should social enterprises get commercial? Debate is raging on Rodney Schwartz’s blog on Social Edge.

Featured social enterprise
There are now 1,226 social businesses on our site. Here’s a closer look at one of them.

Since its birth in 1975, Oikocredit has touched the lives of thousands of people. It is a cooperative society that offers loans and finance to microfinance institutions and medium sized entrepreneurs in developing countries. The aim is to provide support to those small microfinance institutions that others might have overlooked.

If you’re interested in joining ClearlySo, why not visit our website for more information? Members receive a range of fantastic bonuses such as:
  • Access to new revenue streams
  • Opportunity to raise profile to an audience of opinion formers, journalists, investors and the government
  • Find the right staff with our jobs board
  • Access information and resources

Monthly milestones: social investment video
There are all sorts of exciting things happening in the world of social enterprise. Here’s our pick of the most interesting stories of the last two weeks.

  • Want more information on our social investment speed dating? Why not check out this great video which has all the information you’ll need.
  • A worrying report suggests only 50% of people understand what social enterprise is. What can we do to spread the word?
  • Celebrating success. The SE100 Index Awards celebrate the best in social enterprise including this fantastic organisation dedicated to providing a route back into employment for vulnerable people in Leeds.

Featured term on the glossary: negative screening
One process used by the SRI community to select suitable investments. The activities of an investee company are checked against a list of negative practices. Screening practices vary greatly by investor, but in general if the company is engaged in one or more of these activities it is considered ineligible for investment. The sectors that are typically screened out in their entirety include arms, tobacco and pornography.

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That’s all for now. Have a great month. In the mean time, do check up on www.clearlyso.com for all the latest developments in the world of social enterprise.


Tom Cropper

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