Design a Worldwide Message for the Social Business Day

From an enthralling idea started in the Yunus Center, we are proud to announce that the first annual Social Business Day (SBD) will be observed worldwide on June 28, 2010.  Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Grameen Bank founder, Professor Muhammad Yunus, will be celebrating this occasion in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Let’s take this opportunity to send to Pr.Yunus a special gift. Indeed, it will be also it’s birthday !

Inspired from The Message (thanks to MadV), let’s remix together a video-message for Pr.Yunus. We started here…

Let’s join the movement by sending your 5′ video to danonecommunities (AT)

  1. catch “the vib” from the right side of the video (warning : maybe your camera will record it in the reverse position)
  2. clap twice
  3. at the center of the screen, reveal your 2 magic words about social business
  4. smile and share “the vib” to the left side of the screen 🙂
  5. send your video before the 26th of June


About Social Business and SBD :
A social business is a non-loss, non-dividend company dedicated entirely to achieve a social goal plighting the poor. In social business, the investor gets his/her investment money back over time, but never receives dividend beyond that amount.

Social Business Day will celebrate Professor Yunus’ concept of social business itself, promote it even further, in order to set a positive tone for the future of social business as a whole. The proliferation of social business, the new type of capitalism conceived by Professor Yunus, can help the world achieve this objective. Any objective can be achieved so long as many people as possible collectively believe and embrace the cause in question. As such, the idea of designating June 28 as International Social Business Day was born to celebrate the vision of global poverty eradication through social business. Social Business Day will also be observed in various scales in New York City, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Wiesbaden, and Johannesburg.

Social Business Day 2010 will, most importantly, create a common forum for scholars, entrepreneurs, public and private sector representatives in which to discuss how humanity’s most pressing issues can be addressed through social business.

On this momentous day we will celebrate the new opportunity and hope that social business offers the world. We will look to the future and commit to a new way for social change on a global scale. Our vision is to put poverty in museums and we hope that the first annual Social Business Day is a platform from which we can tackle this mission.

We will also celebrate the official launch of  Pr.Yunus latest book, Building Social Business: The New Kind of Capitalism That Serves Humanity’s Most Pressing Needs, in Bangladesh.



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